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Workplace Health: Think Outside the Benefits Box

by: | September 6, 2017

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: A healthy employee is a happy employee. And now, more than ever, your team’s health and happiness is on you.

That’s right, when it comes to workplace health, times are a changin’. And so is the role employers play in building a culture of health within their organization. The driving force? Millennials. A generation of workers whose expectations continue to diverge from those of workers past. Not only does this demographic expect employers to actively help them achieve their health goals, but they want workplace health to be a top priority. This, in turn, is inspiring change among other generations of workers.

It’s no surprise, then, that we’re seeing more and more progressive employers expand their definitions of employee engagement and culture.

Thank you, millennials.

But let’s be clear: Bringing health to work doesn’t mean spending big bucks redesigning your workspace, installing ping pong tables and bringing expensive, catered lunches into the office. Quite the opposite, actually. While these fun perks can help with employee engagement and team morale, when it comes down to it, employees see the most value in the actions an employer takes to help them with their health & well-being.

Sounds like you have two choices: create an illusion of health or pro-actively do something about it.

Ready to think outside the benefits box?

Start by examining your existing workplace health plan to see if it provides value to your employees. If it doesn’t, now’s your chance to give it makeoverfrom the inside out. The good news is, there’s a huge opportunity to get more out of your health benefits spend to help you achieve what it is you’re going after: A health & wellness strategy that truly benefits your employees.

Building a benefits plan that fulfills your team’s health needs and goals is only one of many pieces of creating an overall health strategy that prioritizes a culture of health at work.

Walk the walk

Onsite health & wellness sessionshighly valued by employeesbring relevant classes, seminars, and more into the office. With a program like Health@Work, it’s easy to join the growing number of forward-thinking employers who are hosting onsite flu clinics, nutrition seminars, yoga classes, stress management coaching, massage therapy sessions or mental health support groups.

And holding one every quarter will go a long way in boosting engagement. Why does that matter? Well, engaged employees are 31% more productive, use 41% fewer sick days and are 81% less likely to look for a new employer. (Source: Gallup & Healthways State of American Wellbeing Survey)

Make it personal

The most successful onsite sessions are tailored to match the needs and wants of diverse demographics. Think about the employee experience from the perspective of your team. Ask yourself: What’s it like coming into the office, Monday to Friday? How does this experience differ for a Baby Boomer versus a recent graduate versus a new parent who’s also providing care for aging parents?

Another way to personalize your programming is by surveying your team to learn more about their everyday experience, any health & wellness goals they might have, or existing areas of concern. Even better, let League do the work for you. We’ll host a biometric screening session to help you gain an understanding of your team’s overall health status. This is a great way to build a program that provides value to individual team members.

Onsite wellness programs are a vital component to creating a successful workplace health strategy and to building a culture of health at work They’re also the perfect way to enhance your existing benefits program and encourage employee wellness at the office.

Learn more about League’s Health@Work programs.

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