League Webinar Series: The Power of Supporting Mental Health at Work

by: | June 1, 2017

In our latest segment of the League Webinar Series, we tackle an important conversation: supporting mental health in the workplace. It’s a conversation that’s getting louder and louder. But while there’s been significant improvement when it comes to employers addressing the mental well-being of their teams, we’re not out of the woods yet. The stigma surrounding those struggling with their mental health, and what people believe it means, still exists.

For instance, did you know that 19% of Canadians believe having a mental illness is fully within someone’s control?

It’s no wonder people that have a mental health diagnosis perceive significantly higher barriers in their work than those who do not. Many believe that their mental health will: harm their career (50% vs. 24%), make their colleagues less confident in them (59% vs. 31%), result in leaders blaming them more often (51% vs. 20%), or mean they’ll be seen as weak (65% vs. 31%).1

In “The Power of Supporting Mental Health at Work,” host Stéphane Grenier pulls from his own life experience as well as what he’s learned as founder and lead innovator at Mental Health Innovations. He talks about how employers can make sure to bring social support for mental health into the workplace.

Mental health stigma in the workplace is a multi-faceted issue, but one way that you can help address it is by adding elements of social support throughout your organization. Watch our latest webinar with Stéphane Grenier to learn more.

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1Hoge et al, NEJM, July 1, 2004 


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