How to Attract Top Talent with Vancouver’s Best Benefits

A fast-growing hub for techies and millennials, Vancouver is drawing tens of thousands of workers and entrepreneurs looking for opportunities in Canada’s third-largest city. But to hire the best talent, employers in Western Canada will have to go above and beyond by offering Vancouver’s best benefits. It’s these types of incentives that show employees their company values a healthy lifestyle.

Cheaper than San Francisco with plenty of parks and outdoor activities, Vancouver attracts employees who value wellness and a work-life balance. By providing tailored benefits that employees will actually use, HR leaders can help their company stand out in terms of recruitment and also keep current employees more engaged.

Why do workers love Vancouver?

With a thriving technology sector, a startup culture that values innovation, and travel opportunities across the Pacific, Vancouver is filling up with talented professionals.

Millennials and nature lovers alike appreciate a cost of living that’s slightly more affordable than the Bay Area, Seattle, and other West Coast cities. Many people also choose Vancouver because they want to balance their active lifestyle with an engaging career.

Offer wellness benefits that align with your company’s values

Using your health benefits to reflect your culture is a strategic way to attract and keep top talent. By creating a culture of wellness that extends throughout your office, you can actively reinforce your organization’s support for a healthy lifestyle and develop a reputation for offering Vancouver’s best benefits. 

If your workplace values creativity, for example, one idea is to give your employees a Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA) that allows them to participate in art therapy or meditation sessions. You can also customize your LSA to provide cash-back incentives on health-related purchases, such as athletic gear and fitness programs.

Tailor health benefits for your employees

The health and fitness industry in Vancouver is booming, with one in four Canadians belonging to a health club. Many expect the market to keep on expanding as more fitness clubs pop up to meet demand. Surveys have also shown that Vancouver ranks as Canada’s healthiest city, with the lowest number of overweight residents and rates of alcoholic drinking.

To target this population, start personalizing health and fitness options for your team and then watch your employer value proposition climb. A Health Spending Account (HSA) gives your team ample flexibility: Employees can pay for medications, dental/vision coverage, and even massage sessions, and get reimbursed when they submit claims through an easy-to-use app.

Keep in mind that more doesn’t necessarily mean better. By surveying your employees about which options they prefer, you’ll gain insight into the benefits that your employees actually want. Then if you find there are less popular options, you can replace them with offerings that your staff has requested. Your employees will appreciate you seeking their input.

Benefits that are accessible with the swipe of a finger

Vancouver residents have a reputation for being tech savvy, especially the millennials. As a result, they expect to be able to access their wellness benefits anywhere, anytime. This means that the benefits you offer must be digital and easy to use — rather than a dense booklet or confusing employee portal.

Your benefits partner can also hold training sessions to show your employees how to find what they need when they need it. Then make sure to let employees know what programs are available by marketing offerings and benefits throughout the office.

Wellness activities on-site boost employee engagement

If you want a happier workplace and improved retainment, offer healthy options at the office. Studies show that office wellness programs have a positive effect on how people feel and have been shown to help employee engagement: 60% of workers who participate are more inclined to make healthy choices. Without a wellness program, workers are four times less likely to make healthy choices.

This is especially important to offer in Vancouver, where residents lead healthy lifestyles—moreso than any other city in Canada, specifically when it comes to physical activity. Many Vancouver residents have no problem dropping a portion of their salary on spinning classes or gym memberships.

But you can make it even easier for employees to participate by offering on-site activities during work hours, such as meditation programs, and particularly, nutrition consultations, as studies show that British Columbia residents care a lot about where their food comes from and prefer local products.

On-site activities are a great way to encourage healthy habits in the workplace, so that employees return to their computers feeling happier and more engaged with their work.

As Vancouver residents continue to spend more time and money on health and wellness, companies offering Vancouver’s best benefits will have a significant advantage when it comes to attracting top industry talent.

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