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The Best Thing You Can Do Post-SHRM

Just a few weeks ago, I landed in Vegas for SHRM’s Annual Conference & Expo. Not only did my much delayed flight land well past midnight, but I was scheduled the following day to speak at 7:15 am on the future of health insurance. I would’ve put big money on less than a dozen people showing up to see the talk. But it’s 2019, and it’s SHRM, and 250 people showed up eager to learn of a better way to deal with their employee benefits.

We need an OS! Enterprise spending on healthcare is massive and it’s climbing. Increasingly employers are taking matters into their own hands, after failing to solve this growing problem with traditional vendors.  Manufacturing? Use SAP. CRM? Use Salesforce. What about healthcare? Nothing? Not for long. An Enterprise OS for healthcare and benefits will emerge to modernize the end user experience, drive engagement, and manage costs. League HBX is that OS, and hundreds of CHROs showed up to hear about it.   

SHRM 2019

The truth is health and benefits keep getting more complex, more expensive, and nobody likes the experience. That’s the real reason the room at SHRM was so packed. For most employers, health and benefits are their second or third largest expense, yet:

  • Over 50% of employees say they can’t access their benefits the way they prefer
  • And, 60% aren’t “very confident” that they’ve chosen the right coverage.

And, the sea of point solutions isn’t helping. As I walked across the expo hall floor of SHRM filled with thousands of companies vying for the attention of corporate HR leaders, it reiterated that the amount of vendor juggling plaguing HR teams is only adding to the problem. It’s cumbersome for HR teams to manage and a recent study found that more than 40% of employees find it confusing. There’s going to be consolidation, and a move to platforms. I’ve seen it in every category, and this one will not be immune. 

The real solution: creating a front door to health and benefits for employees. In order to tackle these healthcare challenges, employers don’t need another point solution. They need an all-in one benefits platform that acts as a centralized operating system and integrates seamlessly with their HR ecosystem. Only then will employers have a modern health benefit experience that truly reduces the administrative HR nightmare, improves employee health outcomes and drives down costs. It should reflect the modern consumer experience that we see across industries that makes things:

  • Easy, intuitive and designed with the user experience at the center
  • Accessible, with a customer support model that is always on
  • Personalized, and tailored to an individual’s specific healthcare journey

Ultimately, the health benefit experience must put the employee experience.

So, what does your health benefit experience look like? The first step in creating a modern health benefit experience is to benchmark your current status. It can seem overwhelming and daunting, but luckily there’s a quick tool to help you get started. (Seriously, it only takes a few minutes.) Just click here to check it out. 

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