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The Next Level with Sarah Berneche, Holistic Nutritionist

by: | March 28, 2017

In The Next Level, Mike Serbinis (Founder and CEO of League) sits down with thought leaders and influencers to discuss topics that align with League’s mission: empowering people to run a healthy business.

Mike Serbinis is back with another healthy interview! See what Alan Bekerman, CEO of IQ Food Co, has to say about creating restaurant spaces that celebrate health and wellness.



Learn why Bekerman quit his job in private equity and set up a take-out counter in the food hall of the TD Centre—and how he went from zero experience in the food industry to lunchtime line-ups forming long before noon.

Working in an industry he describes as “old school,” Bekerman explains why it’s important to be comfortable on the fringes and why you’ve got to be willing to make tough, bold decisions—like bringing technology to the forefront of the typically “low-tech” restaurant business.

Take a moment to watch Episode 3 now:


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