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Creating a Next Generation Health Network

by: | January 19, 2017

Over the past year, our team has engaged with health practitioners all across North America, giving us the opportunity to learn about new tools for the prevention and treatment of many common health concerns. It’s tremendously exciting to be bringing so many of these experts and innovative methods together each day to build a next generation health network. What makes it even better is being able to do so through a personalized, integrated digital experience—giving our members the support they need, right at their fingertips. 

We are thrilled by the growth and expansion we experienced throughout 2016, and even more so, about what lies ahead in 2017. We are forging some truly great partnerships in the health and wellness industry. Providers that are blazing new trails in the treatment and management of mental health and well-being, like Helix Healthcare. Best in class caregiver services delivered through the team at BookJane. Health optimization and life optimization. An exciting proposition. See which other organizations partnered with us in 2016 below. 

Our 2016 Partners

Herzig Eye Institute
The Herzig Eye Institute is committed to providing each patient with the best possible vision correction, superior surgical treatments, and the highest level of patient care.

Hearing Excellence
Hearing Excellence is a full-service hearing clinic serving patients across southwest Ontario. Experienced clinicians have access to the latest technology and provide patients with a wide variety of hearing healthcare solutions.

Helix Healthcare
Helix Healthcare’s mission is to transform the way people experience, treat, and recover from mental health and addiction issues. They bring together cutting edge therapies, conventional treatments, and holistic solutions to help empower their clients.

Physiomed rehabilitates injury by treating, strengthening, and educating patients to help them achieve long-term health.

Sleep Therapeutics
Sleep Therapeutics helps clients transition from a life affected by sleep disorders, to a healthy lifestyle of happiness and success.

Glebe Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic
Glebe Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic provides a variety of excellent physiotherapy services, treating patients for chronic pain, sport injuries, osteoporosis and more.

BookJane is an on-demand, mobile and web platform that connects trusted caregivers with families. They offer caregiving for any age group, whether required for an infant or a senior.

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Bay/Bloor Dental
Bay/Bloor Dental has a dedicated team of oral care specialists, who focus on providing excellent care and service to every patient, every day.

Foundation Physiotherapy
Foundation Physiotherapy brings to Toronto a modern and cutting-edge facility that redefines the patient-therapist relationship.

Mahaya Health Services
Mahaya Health is a Toronto naturopathic and holistic health clinic dedicated to high-quality collaborative healthcare.

Muse Movement
Muse Movement builds on the traditions of yoga and Pilates, and integrates current and evolving understandings of the body to offer classes that are relevant to modern, urban life.

A super big shout-out to that first group of health pros who put their trust in League when it was still in its infancy. You took a leap of faith, and helped us grow our next generation health network exponentially.

We look forward to a 2017 that can only get bigger and better, bringing even more value and choice to our members, and allowing for even more variety in the products and services we offer.

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