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How We Be Better: The New League Experience

by: | April 27, 2017

At League, Be Better is the mantra we live by. These 2 words can mean different things to different people, but there are always small, unique ways for each of us to make incremental improvements to our daily lives.

As an organization, we take this idea to heart. We encourage the League team to come to the office every day, and look at what they can improve in their work and in their lives. We’ve tried to ingrain this in our thinking and in our way of getting things done. That starts with the projects and milestones we’re working on, and goes all the way to the League experience as a whole.

For us, Be Better means continually dissecting the current League experience and discovering innovations we can make across the board, all with the goal of delivering a better health journey to our members.

So we’ve launched a whole new League experience. Here’s how we decided to make our experience better:

Marketplace v. 3.0

The redesigned Health Marketplace brings even more value to users. Employers and employees can easily access Health@Work services and track down health professionals or services in their area. And monthly features bring the best recommendations to your team.

Personalized content

New personalized health & wellness content is delivered to members in bite-sized chunks or as longer reads. We’re offering this uniquely targeted content as an add-on to our core product (workplace benefits and health insurance) to help inspire members while on their health & wellness journey.

A new desktop experience

We want to make sure League members can get the same awesome experience, no matter where they are. Now, members can do everything they were able to on their mobile app—but through a browser on their desktop. 

Simplified conversations

We’ve simplified the member journey in our app, making it easier than ever for them to get where they want to go. All members have to do is choose between a selection of questions, answers or actions.

At League, we aim to continually improve our experience, in even the smallest of ways. That’s because being better is at the core of what League is all about. And we can only help you Be Better if we are trying our best to do the same.

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