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How HR Leaders Can Host an Impactful Mental Health Month Campaign

Mental Health Month is one of the most opportune times of the year. We can never overstate the importance of mental health to our overall health, which is why I believe HR leaders should take every opportunity to bring the issue to the forefront – especially in the workplace.

According to the 2017 Building Mentally Healthy Workplaces study, 44% of employees have had a mental health issue. In fact, mental health issues among working adults have cost employers more than $6 billion dollars in lost productivity due to absenteeism, presenteeism, and turnover.

At League, the main themes we are focusing on this May are fostering a psychologically safe and supportive culture, and training managers to be true champions of mental health.

Since we work with HR leaders every day, we are more than aware of how busy workloads can be. That’s why we’ve put together a Mental Health Awareness Month Kit for HR leaders. It’s like an internal employee awareness campaign in a digital box.

Here are the wonderful resources you can take advantage of this year:   

Your turn-key Mental Health Month kit

Our team has taken all the stress out of planning an internal campaign by putting together everything you’ll need to host a Mental Wellness Month that will engage your employees, raise awareness, and create a meaningful impact. Begin your preparations by visiting our Mental Health Kit landing page. That’s where you’ll find a powerful introduction from the inspiring Michael Landsberg, a friend and tremendous advocate for workplace mental health.    

Mental Health in the Workplace From Michael Landsberg

Activity details guidebook

Our Mental Health Activity Guidebook and printable calendar makes scheduling your Mental Health Month campaign simple. In it, you’ll find five easy-to-organize events that will bring your employees together to raise awareness and inspire genuine reflection and conversation.

Let’s look at one in particular:  

4 Strategies for Managing Your Mental Health (webinar)

League has partnered with self-guided meditation leader Headspace to produce a compelling webinar that provides concrete strategies your employees can use to focus on improving and maintaining their mental health. Whether you gather teams to listen in groups, or encourage employees to listen independently – it’s sure to have a positive effect on your overall office environment.     

Mental Health Manager Training Guide

As an HR leader, you’re likely already aware of the immense influence that managers have over the mental health of their direct reports. That’s why it’s critical that your organization’s managers possess a strong understanding of how to support mental health in the workplace. But it’s not up to you alone to provide this training, this Guide will provide the foundation you need to start the process and find an expert partner to help you facilitate education.    

Marketing 101 for HR Leaders Guide

At League, we’re major proponents of taking a consumer-centric approach to employee health. So if we are going to support our employees like consumers, we need to market our internal campaigns to them. It’s not enough to simply make great resources available to your employees – you need to get them excited to participate! This helpful Guide will give you all the tips and tricks you need to make it easy for your team to join in on the fun.

Put up your posters

Ready to start thinking like a marketer? Begin building the buzz by printing out these eye-catching promotional Mental Health Month posters and placing them in common areas around the office. They’re a highly visible way to let your employees know that the campaign is starting and that your organization is fully committed to their mental health.

As a long-time champion of Mental Health Month, I’m so happy to see the popularity it is gaining in the corporate world. This year, organization’s across North America will be participating and the result is sure to be that employees struggling with mental health challenges will feel a new sense of support and compassion.  

If your organization has never provided a formal internal Mental Health Month campaign for employees, I invite you to join us. Our kit makes organization simple, and I know your staff will appreciate the effort.

For more tips and strategies you can use throughout the year to promote good mental health in your organization, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter.

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