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League FAQs: Top 12….You asked, we answered

by: | January 23, 2017

At League, we take pride in making your health and wellness benefits easier than ever before. But that doesn’t mean that curious business owners and HR teams don’t have a ton of questions about the nitty gritty of how the platform works. Top 12 League FAQs, a few of the most common ones we’ve heard:

1. How long has League been around?

We’re still a young company, but we’ve done a LOT for the world of insurance in our short time on the planet.

League was created by Michael Serbinis (founder of Kobo) in 2014. In 2015, the League app was built and our Health Marketplace and Workplace Health Services were launched.

Health Spending Accounts and Lifestyle Spending Accounts followed in the spring of 2016. And in the fall of 2016, we added health insurance coverage to the mix.

2. Who are your current clients?

You may have heard of some of these guys: Uberflip, Tableau, Endy Sleep, FinanceIt, Entertainment One, Etsy and Starbucks.

3. Who administers claims, RBC or League?

That depends. League manages all claims for services that fall under Health and Lifestyle Spending Accounts.

RBC both underwrites the policy and manages claims for the Peace of Mind plan (which includes Drug, Travel and Extended Health coverage).

4. What’s included in the Peace of Mind plan?

Everything! Well, everything you need in the event of illness, injury or a medical emergency.

Prescription Drugs, Travel Insurance and Extended Health Care benefits are all included in our Peace of Mind plan.

We can also top up your plan with add-ons like Long-Term Disability or Life Insurance if you’re looking for something extra.

5. If I switch to League, will my employees still get the same coverage?

That’s definitely an option. If you want the exact same coverage, we’ll make sure you get it.

But if you aren’t sure what benefits you need, or if you have too much/not enough coverage based on current employee usage, we can tweak your existing plan to suit your employees’ needs and your budget.


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6. Are dependants covered?

The short answer? Sometimes.

The not-so-long answer? Lifestyle Spending Accounts are typically only available to employees, while dependants can be included in Health Spending Accounts and Peace of Mind coverage if that’s your preference.

7. What if a doctor or health professional of choice is NOT in the League Health Marketplace?

Not a problem. We make it easy to submit claims via the League app.

Simply go to the Benefits channel and tap the “Submit Claim” button. Once there, take a photo of your receipt and send it in for processing. You’ll be reimbursed through a secure e-transfer in 1-3 business days. No more forms, no more waiting!

8. Won’t usage increase with a League plan?

Well, yes. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Initially, you might see an increase in usage because the League app is so darn simple.

The good news is, an increase doesn’t mean you pay more. All employees have a cap (that you set yourself) on the health and wellness services of their choosing—which means cost certainty for you and unparalleled flexibility for your team.

9. I have some older employees who don’t own smartphones. How do they access their benefits?

We’re going to perfectly honest with you. League is a mobile-first company, which means the app will provide your employees with the best possible experience. That said, employees who don’t own a smartphone can submit their claims via the League website. 

Just a heads up: There are no paper forms or paper statements for making and managing claims.

10. Are there any startup fees?

Nope, there’s only a monthly subscription fee for each employee. That’s it.

11. How often will I be invoiced? How much of the allocation will I be expected to fund?

We’ll pop in every month or so to say hello. You can expect a monthly invoice for your Spending Accounts usage, as well as a monthly subscription fee per employee.

And we typically ask for approximately 2 months’ worth of the total allocation, which acts as a deposit. This helps us reimburse your employees as quickly as possible.

12. Does League provide reports for taxation purposes?

Yup! The Plan Administrator can easily review and export Spending Account usage by date or by employee at any time via the admin portal. This includes services that are taxable and non-taxable.

Full reporting that includes Prescription Drugs, Travel Insurance and Extended Health Care claims are available upon request.


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