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Speak up: diversity is all of us

by: | January 29, 2017

At League, we stand for diversity. We all believe in the strength and value those of all backgrounds, beliefs and race bring to our company, to our community and to our country.  We prioritize health, acceptance and community for all.

The reality is that we would not be here today if it were not for the strength and perseverance of immigrants, those that overcame a life most of us cannot imagine. Many of us have a story to share. This is mine:

I am the son of immigrants. I am here because Canada admitted my Father who was leaving civil war torn Greece for hope of a better life. The United States refused him. Macedonians were persecuted by the Greek government, and while he did have a hard time leaving the country, Canada welcomed him with open arms. I’m here for that reason. I’d like to help someone like my Father today. The principle of inclusion, acceptance of diversity, living in harmony with people of all walks – these are Canadian values, they are our values. This is a time to speak up loudly, and act vigorously. I’m happy to do my part.


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I am not alone. Dan Leibu, our COO, is the son of immigrants. Dan Galperin, our CTO, is an immigrant. We will stand up for those around the globe that are being persecuted, and treated differently because of who they are.

We are a nation, an industry and a company built on inclusion. League, and the entire tech community embrace the skills, talent and experiences of people around the world, and together we are speaking up. Hundreds of tech CEOs, venture capitalists and corporate leaders have come together in the last 24 hours to publish an open letter denouncing this unjust treatment of people based on their race or religion.

Diversity is our strength and all of us at League will proudly do our part to help.


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