Nutrition at Work: 7 Ways to Instill a Culture of Wellness (eBook)

by: | May 1, 2017

Here at League, every month is Nutrition Month. That’s because we know just how important it is to encourage nutrition at work. Not only that, but we love the idea of promoting self-care, rather than self-control. But with workplace stress on the rise, we also know how tough it can be for employees to keep up with their health goals—and how easy it is for employers to dangle unhealthy options in the name of culture. Beer Friday, anyone?

So we went and created an eBook for business owners who want to instill a culture of wellness at the office. 7 Ways to Bring Nutrition to Work will walk you through the benefits of implementing a nutrition-focused health program (with some pretty convincing stats), as well as how to make your initiatives actionable—and affordable.

Foster a culture of wellness

As business owners, we want our employees to be healthy. Not only does it result in lowered absenteeism and heightened productivity, it also fosters a culture of wellness, where employees feel truly valued, and as a result, are more focused, more productive and more engaged.

But it can be hard to know where to begin—especially if you’ve been using that same old greasy catering service for years and stocking your kitchen cupboards with salty snacks and sweet treats. That’s a habit you need to break, and we’re here to help!

We are (as productive as) what we eat

Consider this: What your employees eat has a direct impact on their cognitive performance—if they’re eating garbage, they’re likely producing garbage. (Or, at the very least they aren’t performing at their full potential.)

Nutrition at Work: 7 Ways to Instill a Culture of Wellness (eBook)

Unfortunately, many workplaces provide their teams with typical North American breakfasts that are high in sugar (think: toast and jam, cereal, croissants, muffins) and quick, convenient snacks that are even sweeter (think: baked goods, fruit bars, granola bars, chocolates). And while we all know that chronic conditions like diabetes and obesity are linked to too much sugar, it’s a lesser known fact that sugary foods can be the culprit when it comes to lowered productivity.

See, consuming too much sugar can take your team’s hormones on a roller coaster ride, forcing their bodies (and minds!) to react in a way that affects their stress levels and their focus—which can directly impact how productive they are. We’ll explain why (and what you should do about it) in our ebook, all about nutrition at work.

Nutrition at work

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