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Finally, a new approach to employee health benefits

by: | July 7, 2017

League has officially expanded into the US as a health benefits provider. As a new partner for today’s business, we’re here to help you navigate this complex space and meet the changing needs and demands you’re up against.

It’s not easy.

Health care costs and insurance premiums are constantly rising. And so are employee expectations and demands. Employees want more from their employers and from their health plans than ever before. Businesses are operating in highly competitive environments, making it harder to find and retain top talent and many companies are finding that traditional benefits brokers are not moving fast enough.

The good news is, League is not your typical broker.

And, we’re not your standard HR app.

We’ve taken a fresh, holistic and consumer-centric approach to these challenges that no other health benefits provider has done. Our vision is to bring a consumer model to an industry that has been sorely missing it. So we built an end-to-end healthcare experience with access to benefits that’s never been done before.

We bring together health insurance, spending accounts, and workplace health services, all through a digital platform, to help employers get more out of their benefit spend. Looking closer:

  • Insurance – For all that life may throw at you, League has you covered. We have partnered with industry providers to identify the best health insurance plans for your business, and paired these plans with health reimbursement and lifestyle spending accounts to ensure more of your spend goes toward providing personalized and flexible coverage for your employees.
  • Spending Accounts – Lifestyle Spending Accounts and Health Spending Accounts that give employees the freedom to choose what to spend their allotted benefit dollars on, without restrictions or limits. And employers will always know where their costs stand, because you only pay for what your employees use.
  • Health@Work – We know that living well can both start and end at work. With Health@Work, you can bring health and wellness into your office for your team with health sessions and seminars, clinics and classes, so you know you’re doing the most to keep your team healthy.

League brings these elements together through our fully digital platform that will change the way you and your employees access, use and experience health benefits.

Think dental coverage, yoga and flu clinics. Think disability insurance, stress management coaching, or run clubs. With flexibility like this, employers and employees can build a culture of health as unique as they are.

It’s time to leverage your health benefits as competitive currency.

It’s time to regain some control over your health spend.

It’s time you had a partner that will be there through it all. League is now in the US, and we will help you re-imagine health benefits.

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