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League Interns – Winning as a Team

by: | August 31, 2017

As we approach the end of summer, we caught up with our amazing interns to deep dive into what made their League placements some of the top tech internships in Canada.

When you think of summer internships, you may think of coffee runs around Bay Street, photocopying and faxing customs documents, or data entry for days. Between grey cubicles and strict dress codes, the short summer can feel like an eternity during an internship.

But it’s not always this way.

Sixteen of Canada’s best and brightest interns boarded the League “rocket ship” to find out first-hand just how much personal and professional growth can take place at one of North America’s fastest-growing tech startups. 

So what makes the League intern experience unlike any other? It’s a combination of the challenging roles, diverse range of skills developed, and an unmatched culture that separates us from the pack.

Meaningful Work – Own It, We Trust You

Millennials crave purposeful work and have a tremendous desire to make an impact in their workplace. In fact, 60 per cent of millennials choose their employer in part because of a cultivated sense of purpose. Moreover, 77 per cent say that their ability to excel in their role is contingent on finding meaning in their work.

Being a next generation health benefits company, we took this to heart and gave each of our interns the opportunity to run with an important stretch project or play a part in a vital company initiative.

“We broke out of our comfort zones,” said Salimah, whose unique background in both finance and health policy dovetailed into her Member Engagement internship. “League gave me the opportunity to tackle a myriad of key projects this summer, from building landing pages for health pros to optimizing member engagement through the League Marketplace.”

In addition to their stretch projects and day-to-day responsibilities, all League interns had the opportunity to learn the whole business through the lens of marketing, sales, product, finance and health teams. Supported by their colleagues and supervisors, each of them were proudly able look at a completed project and say “I built that!”

Personal and Professional Development – Lean & Mean

At a rapidly growing startup, there’s never a shortage of problems to solve. Whether that’s building an innovative new feature, on-boarding over 7,000 new members, or supporting our customer care and engagement teams, League interns learned first-hand the key technical and soft skills required to thrive in the modern workplace.

“This summer I tackled new projects in areas I had never worked in before,” said Alex, our Customer Success intern. “It was a steep learning curve with a lot of challenges. In the beginning, there were times when I got stuck, and made mistakes. But in this time, I learned how important it was to stay punctual, do my homework and research my audience. In the end, I was able to achieve the desired result and learned the importance of communication, collaboration and teamwork.”

Culture, Community & Excellence – Be In It To Win It

Our founder and CEO, Mike Serbinis, often says that culture is a function of how well we work together, and that no great company is built by one person. Assembling an incredible team starts with finding smart, hard-working individuals dedicated to a common purpose. In our case, that’s helping people live healthier, happier lives, every day.

We don’t just talk workplace health talk – we walk the walk. Numerous workplace wellness programs run through League’s Health@Work arm, bring our team together with coffee buddies, informal town hall socials, offsite team-building events, and yoga or meditation sessions. The time we spend together as a team both inside and outside the office not only makes us better at our craft, but also strengthens the bond that makes League such an incredible place to work.

“My co-op experience was one of the most formative of my life,” said Serbinis. He reiterated the importance of paying it forward throughout one’s career, telling our group of interns: “Try to walk away with at least one contact, mentor, or friend from your League experience. It will pay back huge dividends over time.”

Though we’re sad to see them go, we’re happy to have offered a taste of what it’s like to work at a technology startup. It’s an experience that builds skills and relationships that they will take with them throughout their careers.

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