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FAQs for League Health Pros: Your questions, answered

by: | March 10, 2017

Whether you’re new to League or are ready to join our ever-growing marketplace of health professionals, it can’t hurt to give these FAQs a read.

1. What is League?

League is a next-generation health experience. We connect employers, employees and health providers through our mobile app. Our mission is to empower people to be healthier, every day.

We are transforming the consumer healthcare experience by redefining employer health plans, and offering members an experience that is hyper-local—making it easier for employees and health providers to connect, book and claim for services.


Join The League Health Marketplace to learn more.

We also offer corporate plans that enable companies to create customized, flexible spending accounts for their teams, all accessed through the League app. These spending accounts put the power in the hands of employees, who can now choose to spend their benefit dollars on products and services that are relevant to their health and wellness goals.

2. How will my business benefit from joining League’s Health Marketplace?

League has built a community of like-minded health professionals that offer services to support, educate and serve our members. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should join us:

  1. We make it easy for our members to connect with health professionals like you. Our Marketplace lets users search and connect with thousands of verified health professionals. Anyone can download the League app and find your services—it’s not limited to League clients with League benefits.
  2. Both health professionals and members enjoy the League app free of charge. The Marketplace is completely free for our health pros, and our members enjoy spending their benefit dollars with no restrictions.
  3. Tens of thousands of members means more exposure for your business. Being on the platform means more eyes on your business. League members are on the app every day, searching for health professionals that can help them meet their wellness goals.
  4. We’re growing bigger and better every day. The League network continues to grow, and our members are eager to choose from our ever-expanding list of health professionals.
3. Can anyone join?

Yes—well, almost anyone! We partner with national health and wellness brands, small- to mid-sized clinics and individual health professionals. Before a new health pro joins the Health Marketplace, our team first verifies their credentials to ensure they are a licensed health professional.

4. How do I join?

Just set up your League Professional Profile. Once our team verifies your credentials, your profile will go live!


5. I run a clinic. Can I set up a profile for my practice? Is the process the same?

Absolutely! Whether you are a small clinic or a Canada-wide gym, we are able to list your business on our platform. We are expanding rapidly, and are experiencing a growing demand for services and professionals available across the country—and continent! Setting up your business now is a great way to be among some of the first to join our network in new cities, at no cost to your business.

Contact our team at to partner with League and join our Health Marketplace

6. How much will this cost me?

Nothing! Joining our Health Marketplace is completely free for health professionals like you.

7. Speaking of money, how do I get paid?

Once you’ve joined League, you’ll quickly see just how seamless payment is. There are 2 ways your clients can pay for your services.

  1. The way they normally do
  2. Through League’s Digital Wallet (Some of your clients may have access to this feature through their employee benefits. You’ll be paid via PayPal or e-transfer, within 2 business days.)
8. What is this Digital Wallet you speak of?

It’s one of the many ways League is revolutionizing health benefits. It’s a convenient way for your clients to pay for your services and a super easy way for you to receive payment. And if you choose to use League’s booking feature, you can opt in to Digital Wallet payments. With this payment method, we’ll send you your payment via PayPal or e-transfer within 2 business days. Members love it because they can confirm eligible services, pay instantly and track their spending balance from anywhere.

9. Who are League members?

League members are employed by companies that are empowering their teams to put health and wellness first. Through League’s flexible Health and Lifestyle Spending Accounts, members can choose benefits that are relevant to their health goals, including products and services not typically covered—like massage, yoga classes, running shoes or a gym membership. Our members lives are enhanced by the health professionals they find in our Health Marketplace, and they tend to visit the same health pros again and again.

10. How will League members find me?

Members can search for health providers who are located near their home or work, by category type, or by star rating. They can also search for you by name—this is where word of mouth comes in.

If you have a relevant health topic you’d like to feature on our blog, see if your content team might do a writeup for us. Your byline is directly connected to your League profile, and a good chunk of our members find health pros through what is essentially free advertising for you. Want to submit a blog post? Send your idea to


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