League Employee Spotlight: Meet Leigh!

by: | March 1, 2017

Ever wonder what it’s like behind the scenes at League? What type of people make up our ever growing team, and what do they do to help us build a product that is revolutionizing health insurance, employee benefits and workplace wellness? Now you can stop wondering. Get to know our talented team members in the new League Employee Spotlight series.

1. What drew you to League and to your role?

I had been following disruptors in the industry for a while—mainly in the digital payments and banking/financial areas. I stumbled upon League when I saw it mentioned as a “startup to watch” in TechVibes. What League was taking on was extremely intriguing to me: empowering the consumer in healthcare and insurance. This industry is one of the last examples of hell-on-earth, paper-based, fill-out-this-form-in-triplicate. I loved League’s all-digital, paperless concept and immediately needed to hear more.

2. What do you love about your job?

I wear many, many hats. Some days, it’s 100% marketing; other days, it’s 100% client service; and still other days, it’s a little bit of process improvement with some data analysis sprinkled in. I love that it’s a roll-up-your-sleeves, just-get-it-done environment. This is not a culture where you can say “That’s not my job.”  Every day presents a new challenge, and you need the grit and determination to believe you can handle it. You also need to believe in your team. It’s tough, but so very rewarding.

3. What are the key assets needed to kick ass at League or in any start-up environment?

Things change daily. One day you have a plan, the next day that plan needs a major overhaul because of a new development. You need to feel comfortable operating with unknowns, and you need to be flexible enough not to sweat the small stuff—and still have fun along the way. You need to be a rebel at heart, someone who never listened to the nay-sayers.

4. What would you say to a recent grad looking to get into League, or follow a career path like yours?

First and foremost, follow your gut. Career paths are rarely straight or predictable. Absolutely have a career plan, but don’t get stuck on hitting milestones, like job title or compensation. You could give up your dream job if you stick to a rigid plan and close yourself off from new possibilities. Second, treat every company and potential boss like you are interviewing them—because you are. Does the person interviewing you represent a leader you can support? Do you feel a connection with the company’s overall mission? These shouldn’t be ‘nice-to-haves,’ they should be mandatory.  

If you want to get into data marketing, pay attention in stats class! Every marketing test plan we create and every decision tree we build is ultimately based on statistical assumptions around audience profiles. Understanding the size of an audience required to prove a hypothesis that is statistically significant requires Statistics 101. (You can only Google so much, people!)


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5. Staying healthy is vital to performing to a highest possible standard at work. What is it about your health regimen that helps you be your best self at League?

Sleep is my key ingredient to optimal performance. The act of winding down and allowing the nervous system to be in a state of rest, where there are no more expectations or calculations or to-do lists, is so imperative to good health. Our synapses need a power-down time to rejuvenate—simply because the recovery of each cell in our bodies is optimized when we are in a state of rest.

Also, I love running. I love the silence and zen that accompanies running alone, I love zoning out while my body goes into a kind of autopilot. It’s like meditation, but my legs keep moving.

6. What is your favourite perk at League?

By far, Monday Meditation! Giving yourself 30 minutes at the beginning of the week where you can hit ‘pause’ on all of the energy you put out into the universe… and then recall it back into yourself.  It’s amazing. And I’ve found it increases my focus and helps me manage stress.

7. If you could have a life theme song, what would it be?

Float On, Modest Mouse.


Where They From, Missy Elliott


The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s theme song). Some days, I swear I can hear it when I walk.

8. What is the one material item you would bring with you to a deserted island?

A state-of-the-art boat powered by the sun and the wind, equipped with navigation capabilities and a complete food supply to get my ass off that island, thank you very much.

9. Tacos or Pizza?

Tacos. Hard shell, crazy messy, you-know-you-will-wear-it-but-what-the-hell tacos. Every day.

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