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League brings personalized health benefits to the US

by: | June 20, 2017

Today, League is live in the US, bringing a new healthcare experience to consumers and employers. It’s a big day for the company, marking a milestone in our journey to re-imagine health benefits.

Our new US headquarters will be in the great city of Chicago, home to a thriving tech scene, growing startup hub and innovative health care market.

It’s exciting to be part of this great organization. I have spent my career in healthcare working to build a better system for patients and consumers. Leadership roles at WellTok and Premera Blue Cross allowed me to focus on driving innovation in a sector that struggles to innovate. As a passionate advocate for transforming US healthcare, I’m confident League’s disruptive approach to the market will empower individuals to take control of their own health and wellbeing.

There has been significant coverage of our industry’s many challenges – costs are too high and growing daily, pulling investment from other areas of the economy and making our companies less competitive in the global marketplace. At the same time medical costs remain one of the leading causes of personal bankruptcy.

As President of League’s US business, I am dedicated to helping build a better system that has grown out of the consumer’s needs first. It won’t be easy – consumers and employers are wary of the next quick fix or band-aid solution.

To me, the real answer is delivering consumers a health benefits solution they actually want to use on a daily basis. Proving them with the right information, tools and incentives in an easy-to-use platform will be key to driving sustainable change in the industry, just as it has in so many others.

We have seen the transformation of entrenched industries as diverse as retail, car manufacturing, and even investing. All have been revolutionized in the last decade. The common thread is the power of consumers, combined with the innovation of tech entrepreneurs which has pushed these sectors outside of their comfort zone.

League is uniquely positioned to deliver on this vision. We’re enabling businesses to offer personalized health benefits.

We need to reach the tipping point where consumers see themselves as the primary drivers of their healthcare. Currently, consumers have direct influence over about 7-10% of their health benefit spend; this number should be a minimum of 20 to 25% and more for the most evolved employers.

That means, providing even the smallest employers with the tools to easily offer a consumer-driven health benefit program to their employees. And starting today in the US, they can.

I am excited to be part of this great team. I’ll be contributing regularly to the League blog on the issues and developments that matter the most to our customers and partners.

Big changes are ahead for US health and benefits and we will be here as your partner through it all.

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