5 Reasons to be Excited About HR Leaders Summit West

In Western Canada, there’s a tremendous need to address the unique regional challenges in recruiting, retaining and engaging the best talent – especially in the “Age of the Employee.” That’s why after a very well received inaugural event last year, HR Leaders Summit West has recruited speakers you won’t want to miss on April 17, 2018.

Here is just a glimpse of what we’re looking forward to at HR Leaders Summit West:

1. Building company culture

Presented by: Mark Levy – former Global Head of Employee Experience, Airbnb

Very few companies have as a unique and compelling culture as Airbnb. While many places just hire and hope for the best, Airbnb have maintained their company culture with conscientious attention. In fact, the Human Resource team pride themselves on being playful, fun, helpful and dead serious. Don’t miss this keynote session that reveals how they evolved from HR to Employee Experience and created a globally recognized mission and purpose-driven culture.

2. Using emotional intelligence

Presented by: Jarik Conrad – Sr. Director, HCM Innovation, Ultimate Software

“Emotional intelligence” isn’t just new touchy-feely corporate speak. Studies have shown how imperative it can be to performing successfully at work and dealing with increasingly stressful environments. To get a better understanding of employees and how to guide them through their workplace struggles, make sure you’re at the conference first thing in the morning. You’ll be rewarded with concrete tools on how to use our whole brains from an award-winning author, speaker, and consultant.

3. Transforming your culture and employer brand

Presented by John Stix – Award-winning Thought Leader & Executive, Co-Founder of Fibernetics & President of KidsWifi

John Stix is an authority on building an effective culture and developing highly motivated teams. He knows the power of employer branding and being able to tell your company’s story. He also understands the challenges and the blockers that come with successfully shifting a workplace culture. With real world experience, he definitely knows how to make it happen.

4. Strategic HR and how to do it right

Presented by Christina McClung – VP Human Resources and Chief of Staff to President, Capital One 

Nothing enables talent, opportunity, strength, efficiency and success like Strategic HRM. But if you’re struggling to make the leap from traditional HR into truly transformational HR, then you’ll want to hear everything Christina McClung has to say. She’ll be sharing her expertise on strategic HR management that focuses on people, integrity and strong leadership-team alliances.

5. The impact of automation and AI on HR

Presented by Susanne DiCocco – Partner, People & Change Services, KPMG in Canada

Are robots, AI and automation a real threat? With technology set to replace a third of human jobs by 2030, Susanne DiCocco sees this time of disruption as one for opportunity. And the changes have already begun. She’ll be leading a vital and timely discussion on how companies must rise to the HR challenges of a digital takeover, and what you can do to prepare.

Remember, advancements in technology (and employees’ expectations of information at their fingertips) will be one of the biggest disrupting factors for HR. So how can you keep people engaged by providing other forms of perks and compensation besides salary? Once you arrive at HR Leaders Summit West, be sure to visit League at booth 9 to see how our category-defining platform can make employee health benefits a cornerstone of your best-in-class employee experience. You could also win a brand new Apple Watch!

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