Health Concierge: The New Health Experience

One of the biggest challenges people face with their health care is navigating the system. It’s an issue across the spectrum from those with chronic conditions to those managing an acute illness to those suffering from a common head cold.

Our emergency rooms are flooded with non-emergency cases. Our walk-in clinics regularly have lines out the door. Consumers often struggle to find a primary care physician or appropriate specialists. To make matters worse, many people don’t seek treatment because they don’t know what they’re covered for. Too often, it’s up to consumers to navigate the system and bring together their medical, wellness, and lifestyle needs and then match that to available funding options.

A new way

Imagine having a trusted resource at the touch of a button that can help answer any of your questions. One that can help you bring any need or concern around health care together with your health benefits information.

League’s new Health Concierge does just that.

To oversimplify, just think about the experience of going somewhere new, checking into your hotel and calling down to the front desk to ask for a recommendation for a nice place to eat. Typically, a great outcome to that scenario will start with a set of questions: What type of food do you like? Are you walking or driving? What’s your price range? The end result will be one or two options that can help you make a great selection within your budget.  

This small experience can often save you time and effort. It can make a big difference in your overall experience in the destination and satisfaction level with your chosen hotel.

Now, imagine applying that same approach to your health care.  

Plenty of people have simple questions that, when provided with the right information, can make educated decisions that best suit their needs. We need to give people better support and access to expert resources; to help people to learn to decipher the serious from the not so serious; and to help them find the right resources at the right time.

This is exactly the problem we set out to solve when we built both our digital health marketplace and our new virtual care services.



Instant access to support

With League’s new Health Concierge, members can chat with a registered nurse within seconds – anywhere, to ask any question through easy-to-use chat functionality within their health benefits platform. And, we’ve partnered with Dialogue bring virtual video consults and medical advice direct to members.

Think about all the non-urgent health questions you have at any given time:

Where can I find a primary care physician to take a look at the rash on my child’s hands?

I’m looking for a qualified dietitian to support a weight loss program for a loved one with diabetes.

Can you help me find a psychologist for regular treatment sessions?

We can help.

We can simplify the process to ensure that you (and your employees) get trusted support and advice the moment it’s needed.

And we can do it without a Google image search or “relaxing” hold music.


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