Don’t Miss Employee Wellbeing Month! 3 Ways To Celebrate

by: | June 14, 2017

It’s June – the ninth annual Employee Wellbeing Month, a time when American employers are encouraged to acknowledge their role in employees’ health and overall wellbeing.

Employees look to their jobs for more than just a paycheck. They also want meaning, fulfillment and community—all of which influence their overall wellbeing. So employers have the opportunity to improve their workers’ lives—and their employer brand—by providing resources and health benefits that not only keep them in good physical condition, but also address mental, social and financial wellness.

This month show that you’re a champion for wellbeing by offering activities that encourage your employees to improve their health and happiness. The great news? The celebration doesn’t have to end there. Your dedication and commitment to employee wellness can have a lasting impact all year long.

Creative Ideas to Celebrate Employee Wellbeing Month

Ready to kick off your Employee Wellbeing Month celebrations? Foster a healthy and fun summer at your workplace with the following strategies.

Renew Your Commitment to Employee Wellness

This is a great time to build momentum and get C-suite support for wellness initiatives.

Initiate a conversation with your leadership team about your long-term wellness strategy beginning with a review of your current benefits. Conducting a utilization review, for instance, will help you determine which programs employees participate in the most and least. Next, survey your employees to better understand your workforce demographics. Take a pulse on the types of benefits they want they most, whether that’s access to daytime fitness classes, fresh meals or even on-site health clinics. Analyze the results to fill in gaps in your current offerings.

Take it a step further by researching the wellness benefits your competitors offer to craft a package with perks that go above and beyond the basics—a great way to boost retention and attract top talent.

Remind Employees About Their Health Benefits

Spread the word that it’s Employee Wellbeing Month throughout the company to both local and remote employees. Get your employees excited about engaging in their health by promoting related events on your intranet, your benefits app and other communication tools like email or flyers.

Employees may not be fully aware of their benefits options, so take this opportunity educate them and remind them! Encourage people to take advantage of programs you offer across the four pillars of wellness:

  • Physical – With summer approaching, remind people to get screened for skin cancer. Other important biometric screenings include ones for weight management, cholesterol, blood pressure and BMI.
  • Mental – Let your employees know their mental health is a priority by hosting an afternoon meditation or yoga session where they can clear their heads and gain valuable stress management skills.
  • Social – Relationships are an important part of wellbeing, so offer activities that give them the space to talk and connect with one another.
  • Financial – Host a lunch-and-learn on financial planning or budgeting. and take the time to remind your team how their Heath Reimbursement and Lifestyle Spending Accounts work. These accounts provide affordable, flexible coverage to pay for deductibles, co-pays and well-being add-ons like gym memberships, health coaching and more.
Re-energize Your Efforts

Don’t forget to have a good time! Offer fun activities that get people active and encourage them to stay healthy. Looking for ideas?

  • Get people moving with a weekly yoga class – bonus points if it’s outside
  • Organize a Farmer’s Market on your company building
  • Host wellness walks or encourage teams to take walking meetings
  • Run a 30-day fitness challenge
  • Teach cooking and nutrition workshops
  • Schedule drop-in meditation breaks throughout the week
  • Bring in speakers for Lunch-and-Learns on wellness topics

And consider celebrating individuals or teams who are taking steps to accomplish their health goals. For example, highlight a group of co-workers who run together each day or acknowledge a staff member who quit smoking or hit a weight loss goal. A little recognition goes a long way!

What fun ideas will you cook up to celebrate Employee Wellbeing Month? Share your stories and tips using the hashtag #EWM17 on social media. You can also check out additional resources wellbeing resources from the CDC.

Why Wellbeing Is Your Secret Weapon for Business Success

Productive employees are your best asset. They work harder, improve morale and contribute to a culture that attracts even more quality talent to your company. Because they love coming to work, your best people stick around, helping you reach higher levels of success.

One of the main goals of Employee Wellbeing Month is to highlight the ways wellness contributes to better workplaces. Having a strong wellness program can:

  • Drive on-the-job engagement. Employees at companies identified as “caring about their health and wellness” report significantly higher levels of overall health, engagement and work satisfaction, a 2017 study by the Global Wellness Institute found.

Remember, healthy company cultures drive success. The investments you make this month can transform your organization into a top company for years to come.

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