How to Create an Organizational Culture of Wellness in 2018

Is creating a culture of wellness in your organization a priority this year? A recent Deloitte survey found 80 percent of executives rated employee experience as important, yet only 22 percent reported they were doing an “excellent job” executing on that.

So there’s clearly a significant opportunity for business leaders willing to make employee health a priority. A culture of wellness could be your key to creating a happy, healthy workforce.

Also, with health problems on the rise in North America, it will take an evolved, more innovative approach to employee health to stay competitive and control costs.

So how can you do it? Here are three tips to start creating a culture of wellness in your organization.

1. Give your current culture a check-up

Are you doing enough to bring wellness initiatives into the office? Being by answering these questions to see if you’re on track to building a culture of wellness:

  • Does our organization support our wellness initiatives? For example, are you giving employees flexibility to decide how they spend they use their health benefits?
  • Are there policies and resources in place to encourage people to exercise and eat well throughout the day?
  • Does your leadership support wellness initiatives by communicating the value of programs and describing how they fit in with the organization’s mission and vision?
  • Do they walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk by modelling good health practices themselves? (ie. eating well and staying active)
  • Do managers understand the importance of helping their team set health goals and encouraging participation in wellness programs?
2. Select investments to make in the employee wellness experience

Do research and survey your staff to understand which benefits your employees will find most valuable, because those are benefits they will actually use.

Innovative, meaningful health packages attract and retain top talent. For example, these programs could include weekly yoga classes, lunchtime stress management seminars or mindfulness training.

Other initiatives that improve the employee experience include:

  • Reimbursements for gym memberships
  • Fitness challenges and weight loss competitions
  • On-site medical screenings and assessments
  • Healthy food options and snacks
  • Digital resources for finding health professionals, booking appointments and managing payments

Giving your employees a first-class wellness experience sends a clear message that health is an organizational priority, which will help build a culture of wellness.

3. Align wellness programs with your company mission

In order to attract and retain the best talent, employees have to know what your company stands for. Make it clear how much you value a culture of wellness by making it an explicit part of your mission and vision.

High-impact videos featuring your CEO and other key leaders discussing current wellness initiatives are another great tool to convey the importance of wellness in your organization.

You can also work with your internal communications team to leverage social media to show how your employees live your dedication to wellness in real-time, by sharing photos from activities like groups fitness classes, or by recognizing team members who have achieved health goals.

Building a culture of wellness requires a commitment to go beyond the status quo. It means determining the needs of your employees, as well as the barriers they face so that you can establish a program to support them.

Check-in, invest, and then embed wellness experiences into the foundations of your business. For a step-by-step guide, register for our upcoming webinar on creating a culture of health and well-being.  

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