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Workforce Health

A look into what drives better employee health outcomes.

Workforce Health

3 key stats: Improving employee health boosts productivity

Recent research shows that the relationship between employee health and productivity is something HR leaders should be examining more closely on an annual basis.

Workforce Health

Why workplace health should be your top priority

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: A healthy employee is a happy employee. And now, more than ever, your team’s health and happiness is on you.

Workforce Health

Why your company needs an employee wellness culture

There's no sugarcoating it: employee engagement is in crisis. Unhappy, disengaged employees cost North American employers between $350 billion and $550 billion per year.

Workforce Health

Arm your leaders with 3 ways to help employees manage anxiety

We all occasionally experience high-pressure moments at work. This could take the form of nerves before an important presentation or jitters going into a performance review.

Workforce Health

The cost of poor mental health in the workplace

Emotional first aid is a groundbreaking concept, particularly when it comes to improving wellbeing at work. It's a crucial way to close the gap between physical and psychological health.

Workforce Health

Don’t miss employee wellbeing month! 3 ways to celebrate

It's June - the ninth annual Employee Wellbeing Month, a time when American employers are encouraged to acknowledge their role in employees' health and overall wellbeing.


Building a new HR playbook for the future of employee healthcare

Workforce Health

Have a successful walking meeting at work

A walking meeting—which is pretty much what it sounds like—lets you and your team rack up steps and take in fresh air while participating in the discussion. Here's why it's

Workforce Health

League life in May: Mental Health Month

In May, the League team celebrated Mental Health Month. We always encourage Leaguers to make and keep health their priority, but to kick off spring this year, we wanted make mental well-being

Workforce Health

5 office ergonomic tips for common laptop user complaints

Let's take a closer look at some of the common problems laptop users experience due to poor ergonomics before diving into how to combat these potential issues.

Workforce Health

Winds of change: The 2017 Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey

Change is definitely in the air, and what’s becoming more and more apparent is that when it comes to health benefits, the change is being driven by the consumer. It’s

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