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Workforce Health

A look into what drives better employee health outcomes.

Workforce Health

Delivering health and wellness as part of workforce experience

From a practical standpoint, employee health has become critical for business continuity and for overall productivity. So how can employers prepare themselves to more effectively support Employee Health as an

Workforce Health

How much do you know about the health of your workforce?

Here are the key data points you need to make smarter business decisions about employee health & well-being.

Workforce Health

How to thrive in a post-COVID world

COVID-19 revealed a lot of uncomfortable truths about our ability as organizations to cope with a health crisis. We need a new way forward. And that means tackling several issues

Workforce Health

Three tips for improving mental health in the workplace

Thanks to the Internet, smartphones and other connected devices we are living in a 24/7 world where we are “always on.” While this technology has enriched our lives in many

Workforce Health

4 ways to offer a wellness program employees actually care about

To avoid wasting what can be a large investment, companies need to be strategic in designing wellness programs that actually solve their employee’s problems and help them on their individual

Workforce Health

#BellLet’sTalk: Why it’s time to get serious about mental health at work

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day and League is taking part in the conversation. Mental health affects people of all ages and from all walks of life and today serves


Building a new HR playbook for the future of employee healthcare

Workforce Health

Deloitte shares findings on why employee wellbeing is good business

Many forward-thinking companies are learning to embrace employee wellness not only as a responsible corporate strategy, but as a strategic advantage to increase employee retention, engagement and productivity.

Workforce Health

How HR leaders can host an impactful mental health month campaign

Since we work with HR leaders every day, we are more than aware of how busy workloads can be. That’s why we’ve put together a Mental Health Awareness Month Kit

Workforce Health

Celebrate nutrition month with these workplace wellness ideas

March is Nutrition Month, which makes it the ideal time to focus on healthy eating as a way to help employees reach their weight and fitness goals.

Workforce Health

12 ways to help employees get heart healthy in February

February is Heart Health Month and there is no better time as an HR leader to encourage your employees to get active and take control of their health.

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