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Employee Engagement

Taking a closer look at the factors that drive better employee engagement.

Employee Engagement

How to make your startup sustainable: Invest in your team

Paul Teshima, CEO of, is a big believer in providing health benefits to all of his startup’s employees. As he puts it, “If you want to attract and retain

Employee Engagement

Trust me, it’s all about corporate culture

It’s hard to look through your LinkedIn feed these days without coming across the tales of challenging work environments. Issues with leadership style, poor inclusion practices, sexism, ageism, downsizing –

Employee Engagement

Strengthen retention with the art of diversified employee benefits

Creating a diversified employee benefits program is part science and part art. While offering the standard options is well and good, tailoring customized benefits to your employees is better.

Employee Engagement

The League Webinar Series: Engaging Modern Employees

At League, we’re always looking for ways to help you and your employees Be Better. That’s why we’re excited to kick off the League Webinar Series, an ongoing, can’t-miss webinar

Employee Engagement

Engage your employees, watch them outperform industry peers

As business owners, providing our customers with the best experience possible has always been a top priority. But are we forgetting about our employees?

Employee Engagement

Here’s the secret to attracting millennials

If you're a business owner hoping to attract and retain the next generation of workers, it may be time to rethink your current employee benefits plan, or—if you don't have

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