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Benefits Innovation

Exploring the factors shaping the future of health benefits.

Benefits Innovation

3 questions to ask your benefits broker before renewing

With benefits renewal season just around the corner, you may be thinking about your company’s group health and benefits strategy—and let’s just say, it’s probably not the highlight of your

Benefits Innovation

Group benefits: Making your money go further

The cost of employee group health benefits plans has been on a steady increase for decades with little improvement to the experience. For many employers, group benefits are simply a

Benefits Innovation

Health Concierge: The new health experience

One of the biggest challenges people face with their health care is navigating the system. It’s an issue across the spectrum from those with chronic conditions to those managing an

Benefits Innovation

Finally, a new approach to employee health benefits

League has officially expanded into the US as a health benefits provider. As a new partner for today’s business, we’re here to help you navigate this complex space and meet

Benefits Innovation

5 reasons to offer value-added benefits to your staff

Imagine you could offer your team a variety of lifestyle and wellness benefits (in addition to the more traditional health coverage). Each employee would have the freedom to choose how to spend

Benefits Innovation

Sweeten the deal with a Lifestyle Spending Account

If you’re familiar with League, you’re likely in the know about HSAs, or Health Spending Accounts. Affordable and flexible health coverage for your employees? You probably didn’t think it could get

Benefits Innovation

HSAs: The best health plans you’ve never heard of

Are you a small- or medium-sized business considering HSAs for your staff? This post is a must-read. Originally published on the CBC News website (September 30, 2011).  Fiona Law examined a raft of

Benefits Innovation

New feature: Convenient ways to maximize your League health benefits

Exciting news! League now provides greater flexibility and convenience for valued members to personalize their own health. In addition to using the League network to find, book and pay for health and wellness

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