How to Use Flexible Employee Benefits to Compete Against Tech Giants

Among the fiercest battles that tech companies face, securing the best talent is high on the list—and in tech-saturated areas like the Bay Area, Seattle, and Waterloo, organizations have to compete directly against giants like Amazon and Apple to attract stellar recruits. Finding the right benefits for tech companies can be a challenge, however, they can also provide growing organizations with the competitive edge needed to reduce turnover and retain the talented workers that those giants are looking to poach.

Here’s how you can use creative, flexible health benefits options to retain the talent needed to make your business thrive.

The Benefits Plans That Employees Want

Employees want benefits delivered in a modern, tech-forward way. Yet, many traditional plans are complicated, involve cumbersome paperwork, and rarely meet the growing expectations of tech-savvy employees. With League, however, employees can use a one-stop-shop digital platform and mobile app to access virtually all of their benefits—whether that means finding a specialist or selecting a nutritional wellness class to attend.

In addition to a digital connection to their health benefits, tech employees want them on demand. With Health Concierge, for example, employees can gain instant access to a trained healthcare professional through a live-chat on their phone. Rather than scouring the internet in order to self-diagnose, employees can simply ask a trained health pro directly for advice and referrals. This feature not only saves time and reduces confusion, but it also improves employees’ appreciate for their benefits.

In a similar vein, its become an expectation that organizations be able to bring health and wellness directly into the workplace. With Health@Work, organizations can offer any number of wellness services—from group yoga classes to stress management seminars to health screenings—onsite, offsite, or virtually to their employees. This program allows companies to not only promote health and wellness, but also to weave a culture of health directly into the everyday operations of their workplace.

Align Your Benefits With the Life Employees Want to Lead

With traditional benefit plan designs, there’s often a mismatch between what plans offer and the services that employees actually want and need. With Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSAs), however, employees can choose the benefits they want, providing the most value for employees and employers alike.

For instance, with an LSA, employers have the option to allow employees to use their funds for fitness classes, professional development such as skills training, financial planning, or any range of services (they can even donate to a charity of their choosing). Employees are not only encouraged to spend their benefits dollars, but can direct them toward the healthy passions and hobbies that they enjoy. Rather than being shoehorned into a one-size-fits-none plan, employees can choose benefits that are as flexible as they are.

Meanwhile, with a stated focus on proactive health and illness prevention, employees can spend their time and energy focusing on improving their health, wellness, and professional skills, which can contribute to an overall happier, healthier, and more productive office environment. The type of environment that can give a growing tech businesses a competitive edge.

Align Your Benefits With Your Company Values and Culture

Benefits for tech organizations will inevitably reflect their strategic values and commitment to employees. While many larger organizations may choose to stick with the status quo and offer their employees broad-based, impersonal benefits solutions – a flexible, creative benefits for tech employees plan can enable your business to distinguish itself through personalized, meaningful opportunities for employees.

Offering flexible benefits allows you to not only publicly promote your values and company culture during the talent acquisition stage, but it will also allow you to back up those statements with tangible benefits that employees can enjoy on a day-to-day basis.

Of course, tech organizations will always contend with the reality of stiff competition for talent from their larger rivals, coupled with high industry turnover rates. However, by opting for flexible benefits that empower employees with the health and wellness options they need, growing tech organizations can gain a recruiting edge against the biggest industry players.

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