Discover the Benefits of Having a League Benefits Consultant

If you’ve been working with the same employee benefits broker for several years it can be a little scary to consider a change. On the other hand, you’ve also probably noticed that your benefit costs continue to increase each year. It’s a tough spot to be in.

That’s why unlike working with a traditional broker, one of the major advantages of being a League client is that you’ll have a dedicated Benefits Consultant at your side. Not only will they check in regularly to update you on your benefit usage, but they’ll also be providing fresh plan design solutions for next year to ensure you’re getting the most value for your benefit spend.

Let’s get to know three of League’s top Benefits Consultants – Kristina Buzin, Robert Galati, and Michael Jan.

Question 1: For HR leaders, what’s one advantage of having a Benefits Consultant as part of your support team?

Kristina Buzin: “A Benefits Consultant provides an expert level of health
insurance industry expertise and knowledge. They know which carriers and which plans make the most sense for the client based on the their goals, budget, demographics, and value proposition.”

Robert Galati: “The right Benefits Consultant will align your benefit plan
with not only your company’s philosophy, but also with your budget as well. With the right approach, a Benefits Consultant will be an extension of your team and provide different options for you to consider.”

Michael Jan: “We’ll be there to answer the tough questions; whether it being from a regulatory standpoint, proper plan adherence, or as simple as what is/isn’t allowed. A Benefits Consultant can provide the proper advice and guidance so that an HR team has all of the necessary information to guide their decisions.”

Question 2: What’s one key thing you look for when you begin consulting for a potential client?

Kristina Buzin: “The most important part of any new client relationship is establishing trust. That’s why I always begin by asking a set of key questions about their business goals. I want to make it very clear that I understand their specific needs so that they will feel confident implementing my suggestions.”

Robert Galati: “I like to begin by looking at their situation from a high level. What is their view on benefits, and how does it differ from their view of more traditional compensation categories (salary, pension, etc.)? Once I have an idea of their personal philosophy, then we can begin to build or tweak their plan.”

Michael Jan: “I look to understand the company’s overall strategic objectives, for example, are they looking to hire aggressively this year? Once I understand these goals, I review their plan to ensure that it is working to help them achieve these goals and if not, make suggestions on improvements.”

Question 3: What’s one area that HR professionals may overlook when choosing a plan design?

Kristina Buzin: “In regards to choosing a medical plan design, many HR admins overlook the appropriate plan for the demographics of their company. Low deductible plans and high deductible plans are tailored towards different groups of employees with very different medical needs and wants.”

Robert Galati: “One area that is often overlooked is the introduction of flexibility in plans. Most plans are traditional and one-size-fits-all in nature. However the needs of employees differ drastically.”

Michael Jan: “With five different generations being in the workplace, every employee’s benefits needs are different. It could be something as simple as adding an HSA top-up to their current plan that will enhance flexibility or as complex as a full flex-plan that could provide a greater ROI.”

To learn more about how a Benefits Consultant can help you design a better benefit plan and provide a best-in-class employee experience, tune into our joint webinar with BambooHR featuring Robert Galati: Employee Experience Matters: How to Create an Experience That Attracts & Retains Top Talent.   

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