We travelled back in time, to the future, brought back a souvenir…or 3

by: | February 15, 2017

You have to admit, it’s pretty entertaining: The thought that futuristic films from the past prophesied important elements of our modern world. (Back to the Future gets major points for some of its spot-on predictions, but the jury’s still out on Planet of the ApesBut it can be even more fun to consider what the future holds.

And with startups swooping in to provide us with new, groundbreaking technologies we didn’t know we needed—until we can’t live without them—it can sometimes feel like the future is already here.

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2117: an insurance odyssey contemplates what our world will be like 100 years from now, and how the insurance industry will, or should, evolve to fit in. As a fintech startup already doing what we can to disrupt a “lagging” industry, this article definitely spoke to us.

But when we got to this part, we did a collective double take:

“There are three things the insurance industry must do to remain relevant and offer value over the next 100 years: embrace technology; transform the workforce; and develop new products that cater for customer’s ever-changing needs.”

We won’t divulge whether or not we time-travelled to 2117, but if we did, we certainly brought back a great souvenir… or 3.

Those “three things the insurance industry must do to remain relevant”? They’re at the core of everything we do. They’re integral to our company’s mission. They’re what League was built on. And we’ve been building and bettering our insurance and benefits offerings since League was founded in 2014.

Time travel—who needs it? Looks like we might’ve already brought the future to fintech.


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