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HR Transformation

A brave new world for business: Four outcomes. One way forward.

This is a challenging time for us all—ourselves, our families and our communities—and an unprecedented time for businesses. 

What a year this week has been

This is a challenging time for us all—ourselves, our families and our communities—and an unprecedented time for businesses. 

As we pivot to adjust to this new and rapidly changing landscape, one thing has become abundantly clear: business is no longer business as usual. But as we’ve seen in the not-so-distant past, crises offer moments of real disruption. They’re times when society as a whole takes on new ideas and leaves behind old ways of doing things. We saw it after 9/11. We saw it again after 08/09. And we’re going to see it again in the weeks and months ahead. This will be a seminal moment when old ways get left behind, and new ways become adopted for good. 

As we pivot to adjust to this new and rapidly changing landscape, one thing has become abundantly clear: business is no longer business as usual.

Mike Serbinis League CEO

When COVID-19 hit North America and social distancing became quite literally a matter of life and death, organizations were faced with suddenly managing a distributed workforce. For some, the move to remote work has been gradual—tech has made it easy. We’ve been moving this way for the last ten years. For others, who don’t have the tools and infrastructure in place to manage business continuity during a pandemic or other crisis, the fast-forward button just got pushed and they’re scrambling to keep up with the new norm. They’re suddenly faced with a distributed workforce and limited communication channels. 

We have to adapt in real time. Build new models. Learn from what we’re seeing so we can come out of this stronger, more prepared, and ready to take on the next challenge. Because if history has taught us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t get too comfortable. Let’s start by taking a look at two things that have become suddenly, abundantly clear: the importance of access to timely, credible information, and the importance of employee healthcare. With that, here’s what I believe we’re looking at as long-term outcomes from the COVID-19 crisis:

1. An accelerated move to the cloud

I can’t believe we are still talking about moving to the cloud. But it still hasn’t happened for everyone. We do a lot of things face-to-face. But do we need to? Many activities will be taken on by platforms. They will be part of every organization’s pandemic/business continuity plan. People can communicate real-time through Slack, work collaboratively through G Suite, hold meetings and grab coffees over Zoom, and get healthcare (physical, mental, financial) support through apps and devices. We’re all moving to the cloud. This is the new normal.

2. A more permanent distributed workforce 

It’s time to rethink the workforce. The need for offices. The option of dispersing employees across cities, countries, and the world. It’s crucial for business continuity and being prepared to stay ahead of the next challenge. Many organizations have led the way with distributed teams, teams of freelancers, virtual teams, and so on. This is the new normal.

3. Employee health is mission critical 

Employee health is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must. As a CEO, I need to know the state of my workforce, and its readiness on any given day—especially in times like these. I need the data, and I look to my CHRO for that, to assess readiness, service levels and business continuity. Without that I am flying blind. For employees, it’s critical that organizations have health tools available to their employees—no matter where they are. These tools need to make it easy for people to find, understand, and use the programs available to them—because a healthy workforce is a productive workforce, especially in times of crisis. These tools need to be there to help employees with their health needs, whatever they are. This is the new normal. 

4. More funding for digital health

As we make a move to the cloud and we shift our focus to employee health, it follows that we’ll need to shift our health funds as well. We need to put money behind digital tools, resources and support that employees can access in real-time to proactively manage their physical, mental and financial health. One central place they can go to access care, get advice/navigation and more. We just can’t go into a clinic for every possible health need. This is the new normal.  

Which brings us to League

When we set out five years ago to create League, a novel coronavirus wasn’t part of our consideration set. But now, it seems like it could have been part of our thinking. We’re in a unique position to offer organizations a platform that solves the very real challenges of employee communications and healthcare at a very critical time. A health OS for every enterprise. This is the new normal.  

So we’re giving it away. For 90 days.

We’re offering enterprise organizations and their employees access to the League platform at no cost for three months. Things are moving fast. And we are too. We’re getting companies up and running within a week.  

It is my sincere hope that together, we can come out of this stronger, better, and ready to face what’s next.

HBX Now Program

Get access to League at no cost for 90 days.

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