17 Employee Perks That Get People Excited to Go to Work

Your top talent likely expects their workplace to be an important source of purpose and community. For that reason they want to be part of a company that offers employee perks that are intended to support their financial, physical, mental and social wellbeing. It’s up to you to deliver on that goal if you want to recruit, hire and retain great employees for your team.

How can you do that? One key strategy is to take your employee experience to the next level by offering irresistible employee perks. Whether you’re a growing startup or an established corporation, here are some of the enviable employee perks your team will appreciate:

1. On-site health services

On-site medical clinics make it easy for people to get care that fits their schedule. Staffed by doctors, nurses or other health professionals, you can offer a range of primary and acute care services as well as lab work.

2. Screenings

Show you’re committed to helping your employees stay healthy by bringing in a specialist to provide biometric screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, body mass index (BMI) and simple blood tests. This could prevent productivity gaps and lower your overall healthcare costs by helping people detect issues earlier.

3. Wellness retreats

Sponsoring a retreat is a great way to inspire team collaboration and brainstorm ideas to drive the company forward. Bonus points if you add in hiking, kayaking or other fun activities.

4. Free meals and snacks  

Today’s health-conscious worker is more likely to grab fresh fruit rather than chips from a vending machine, so make sure you provide access to nutritious options in the office kitchen. Some companies even bring in a professional chef, cater meals for staff and hold outdoor farmers’ markets featuring local vendors.

5. A focus on family 

Help your employees achieve greater work-life balance by providing childcare centers or flex hours for parents. Access to fertility treatment and parental leave policies matter, too.

And don’t forget about Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers who may be caring for aging parents. Offering paid sabbaticals and stress management classes can be especially useful to handle the burden of caregiving.

6. Learning opportunities

Consider hiring an outside wellness expert to present a seminar or guest lecture. Another option is to host lunch-and-learns where team members rotate presenting on a health topics they care about. These don’t have to be limited to wellness topics, either. Financial planning can be just as helpful to your employees.

7. Fun and games

Make it easy for employees to reach for a Frisbee or basketball on their break, so they can get outside and play. Holding unique workshops like toy making or painting are another great way to stimulate creativity – and to have a good time!

8. Lifestyle spending accounts (LSAs)

LSAs allow your team to choose how and where to spend their benefits. What makes the LSA even better is that employees can use the funds on a range of wellness products, or even personal development services like hiring a life coach.

9. Digital, on-demand services

Technology has made round-the-clock access to qualified health professionals possible, so extend that to your people. With a few taps, your employees can have a digital visit with their doctor, nurse, or nutritionist.

10. Exercise and fitness bonuses

Many employers reimburse for gym membership costs. You can take it a step further by offering on-site workout facilities or sponsoring popular group fitness classes during the day or after hours. Consider CrossFit, Zumba or yoga.

11. Team challenges

When it comes to conquering big health goals, no one wants to go it alone. Weight loss challenges are a great way to bring people together to support and inspire one another, which contributes to a stronger team culture.

12. Employee discounts

Whether it’s saving on grocery delivery or travel, you’ll be helping employees spend wisely and in a way that benefits their overall wellbeing.

13. Ergonomic office setup 

Design with ergonomics in mind or consider providing a subsidy for employees to improve their workspaces with standing desks (sitting is the new smoking!)

14. Group meditation

Bring mindfulness into your workplace by creating spaces where employees can meditate on their own or together.

15. Napping areas

Sleep is essential for health and productivity. Make it acceptable for employees to grab some shut eye by designating a special nap room, offering nap pods or providing education about the importance of rest.

16. Weekly massages

Give your people the chance to unwind and de-stress with a 10-15 minute chair massage once per week.

17. Have a recognition plan 

Don’t let hard work go unnoticed. Celebrate when a team member hits a wellness goal by highlighting them on your company website or social media.

Not all of these employee perks may be a perfect fit for your organization, but the important part is that you think outside the box. Learn what your employees value and commit to making a change.

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