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17 data points from the latest health benefits experience report

New research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services sponsored by League Inc. was released this week and the findings are definitely interesting. The research illustrates a disconnect between companies’ investment in health benefits and the value employees get from them. You can download the full report here but we’ve also provided the TLDR-version (Too Long, Didn’t Read version) below.

The top 17 data points from the latest report by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, in association with League.

  1. 77% of survey respondents consider the delivery of innovative health benefits to be a key factor in a company’s competitiveness. 
  2. 57% of respondents say the number of health benefits is on the rise.
  3. 51% of executives surveyed expect health benefits to be an even higher strategic priority than they are today.
  4. 92% of respondents agree that health benefits demonstrate that an organization understands and cares for the needs and wants of its employees.
  5. 13% believe that delivering innovative employee health benefits does not plays a key role in determining their organization’s competitiveness.
  6. 26% of respondents say that the number of health benefits at their organization is not increasing.
  7. 63% of respondents say their employees don’t know how to leverage their company-provided benefits.
  8. 58% say their employees are unaware of the health benefits to which they’re entitled.
  9. 57% of respondents say their employees can easily leverage their company-provided health benefits.
  10. 42% say their employees encounter little to no friction in the process of using their company-provided benefits.
  11. 41% believe that their employees are knowledgeable about which health benefits plan is right for them.
  12. 35% of respondents say their employees are knowledgeable about the quality and cost of healthcare. 
  13. 28% of survey respondents say their employees actively engage with all of the health benefit programs offered.
  14. 27% say their employees typically use the full range of health benefits to which they are entitled. 
  15. 25% of organizations say their employees value their health benefits over pay.
  16. 24% of respondents agree their employees fully comprehend the value of their company-provided health benefits.
  17. 59% of organizations say they look at the total spend of their health benefits when measuring its effectiveness.

Download the full report to dive further into what these findings mean and see what top executives from the National Business Group on Health, KPMG, and SHRM have to say about these findings.

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