10 Important HR Trends We Discussed in 2017

Everyday at League we get to spend time with passionate HR leaders who are eager to do whatever it takes to help their employees live healthier and happier lives.

We’re always impressed by their dedication, and we’ve also noticed that they absolutely love to learn about new HR trends they can use to improve their organizations. So of course, we are happy to supply tons of thought-provoking material to be devoured!

If you missed any of our greatest hits from 2017, here is a quick rundown of our most fascinating articles:   

1. Facebook, Google, Airbnb Share Tips for Improving Employee Experience

Why you’ll like it: Managers from three of the world’s most successful companies share their insider strategies for improving employee experience.  

2. HR “Design Thinking” Principles Explained

Why you’ll like it: Karen Pastakia – Partner, Deloitte Human Capital – explains how HR pros can apply the new trend of “design thinking” to their organizational goals.

3. Mental Health: How to Encourage Employees to Seek Help When They Need It

Why you’ll like it: Employees expect a high level of support and compassion when they disclose a mental illness to you, so it’s important to be prepared.

4. Strength In Numbers – Embracing International Women’s Day

Why you’ll like it: Lori Casselman, League’s Chief Health Officer, shares the journey she went on to arrive at her current perspective on International Women’s Day.

5. Six Ways to Help Your Team Overcome Employee Burnout

Why you’ll like it: Winter can be a draining time for employees, so it’s always helpful to be armed with simple tips you can use to reduce their stress.

6. Three Benefit Renewal Myths Many HR Pros Still Believe

Why you’ll like it: Benefit renewal can be a stressful process for HR teams, so make it a little easier for yourself by knowing the truth behind these common myths.

7. How to Apply a Consumer-Centric Approach to Employee Experience

Why you’ll like it: Jeanne Meister, bestselling author and founding partner of Future Workplace, shares practical strategies you can use to jump on this latest HR trend.

8. How to Present The ROI of Employee Health Benefits

Why you’ll like it: Because sometimes presenting the value of employee health benefits to your internal stakeholders can be a tricky task.

9. Four Reasons Employee Wellness Should be a Priority for Every Leader

Why you’ll like it: Filled with helpful information you can use to convey the importance of maintaining the health of your employees to your leadership team.

10. What Are Benefit Spending Accounts? Why Are They Becoming so Popular?

Why you’ll like it: An insightful explanation of why so many organizations are switching to Benefit Spending Accounts to help them control their benefit spend.  

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