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Strategist or Advocate? Is HR suffering from an identity crisis?

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Webinar | On-Demand
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Overview partnered with Ipsos, a global market research firm, and League, an integrated digital benefits partner to explore these and other intriguing issues in the very first League Blindspot Report. Join Stewart Aguanno, Director of Marketing at League Inc., as he breaks down the results from the survey and shows how they may apply to your organization. 

1. HR is suffering an identity crisis.

Some are primarily administrators or policy enforcers, while 43% view themselves as playing the role of strategist.

2. HR is often viewed as effective, but it is also seen as scary.

The majority of HR professionals believe employees see HR as effective (64%), and they’re generally right. However, 39% of employees feel anxious when HR is in meetings with them.

3. Most agree that HR is empowered to act on some employee concerns, but not all.

Most HR professionals say they feel empowered to act on employee concerns, although 41% say it depends on the kind of concerns. This is often because they don’t have enough influence.

4. HR understands a lot about employees, but not as much as it should.

For example, HR underestimates the degree to which employees would like customized total compensation packages, with 91% of employees expressing positive feelings.

5. HR can benefit from becoming more strategic, and boosting their ability to enhance employee well-being.

Only 60% of employees who see HR as Regulators think HR is effective, versus 86% of those who see HR as Advocates. 

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