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League adds new enterprise partners to health OS ecosystem

Today we announced the addition of new health partners to our provider ecosystem. The curated group of partners were selected for their proven ability to have meaningful impact on employee health outcomes, strengthening our overall health benefits offering. ...

Today we announced the addition of new health partners to our provider ecosystem. The curated group of partners were selected for their proven ability to have meaningful impact on employee health outcomes, strengthening our overall health benefits offering. 

The partners will seamlessly integrate within the League platform, consolidating what for many employers was once a series of disparate point solutions. With the goal of making programs easier for employees to find, understand and use, the integrations will include multiple touchpoints throughout the experience including Health Programs, the Digital Wallet and personalized proactive outreach from our Health Concierge team. 

The new partner additions include: 

  •  eMindful – A provider of expert-led live, virtual and on-demand mindfulness sessions that can be applied to everyday life and chronic conditions to promote health, happiness and performance.
  • Vida Health – Virtual health coaching for people with chronic and co-occurring physical and behavioral health conditions. 
  • Rethink Benefits – The first and only global health solution offering 24/7 virtual teleconsultations with expert behavioral clinicians, for families who have children with developmental disabilities or other learning, social or behavioral challenges. 
  •  Inkblot – A mental health benefits company primarily focused on virtual mental health services matching employees with licensed counselors and connecting them through secure video sessions.   
  • Akira (Canada only) – A telemedicine provider that connects patients to knowledgeable, friendly primary care providers 24/7, by secure text or video, on the phone or computer.
  • Beacon (Canada only) – A service that improves mental health by providing personalized digital therapy that’s always guided one-on-one by an accredited therapist.

“As a company on the forefront of transforming the way employees access and use health benefits we know that driving engagement in best-of-breed solutions is critical to improving health outcomes and managing healthcare costs for employers” said Heather Dalmasso,  Health Principal at League, “Partnerships like these are critical in helping us eliminate any friction in the experience. We are committed to partnering with leading healthcare partners that meet the wide spectrum of employee needs and maximize our impact.”

Recognized as a next-generation digital platform and the new front door to health care, we have won global accolades, such as selection in the inaugural CB Insights Digital Health 150 and the HRD Readers’ Choice Award. Customers like Unilever, Uber, Shopify, and Lush Cosmetics are amongst the hundreds of employers currently using League to revolutionize their employee experience, drive better benefit utilization & reduce costs. You can find more information about League and the health partner ecosystem here.

About eMindful

eMindful provides evidence-based, mindfulness programs for everyday life and chronic conditions by helping individuals make every moment matter with greater focus, creativity, and purposeful decisions. Fortune 500 employers partner with eMindful to prevent rising healthcare costs and to recruit and retain a high-performing workforce that is passionate, inspired and engaged. Leading health plans use eMindful to improve health outcomes, differentiate their business, and improve quality ratings. What sets eMindful apart is our purpose-driven mindfulness and proven outcomes.

About Vida

Vida is a virtual care platform that treats the whole person – and a whole population – by addressing a full range of chronic conditions and the behavioral health conditions that accompany them. Vida is the only virtual care platform that was designed from the ground up to treat polychronic conditions, through a balance of machine learning that customizes each person’s treatment and a human connection with real life health coaches and therapists who bring the empathy and accountability people need to reach their goals. 

Vida’s services are delivered through a mobile platform that supports individuals in preventing, managing and reversing conditions such as pre-diabetes, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, depression, anxiety, etc. Our platform integrates deep individual expert care with data-driven technology and remote monitoring to deliver health outcomes and cost savings to employers.

About Rethink Benefits 

Rethink’s  Caregiver benefit is the first and only web-based program offering clinical best practice supports for employees caring for a loved one with a developmental disability (like autism or ADHD) or undiagnosed challenges with cognition/behavior. We provide working caregivers with 24/7 evidence based, yet practical, training and guidance to teach their loved one skills, address problem behaviors, collaborate with the school and clinicians, and navigate today’s complex environment. Caregivers then understand how to effectively work with their child or loved one and efficiently manage care, and report feeling less stressed and more productive as a byproduct of helping them better manage the root cause of their anxiety – the special needs of their loved one. 

In addition, Rethink’s Neurodiversity Inclusion Center provides employers with the required tools to hire and retain neurodiverse talent. These individuals are often the best qualified and most talented yet can fall through the hiring and management norms due to limited resources and training on the employer side. Rethink provides the training and access to our clinical team to ensure that employers have what they need. This solution is easily incorporated into a diversity and inclusion program or ERG.

About Inkblot

Inkblot is a Toronto-based company offering corporate mental health programs, with a focus on secure video counselling that is available any time, any place to make mental health support readily accessible. Using a proprietary algorithm, employees are matched to the best counsellors for their specific needs and preferences.  Uniquely, Inkblot monitors clinical effectiveness and client satisfaction session-to-session. With Inkblot, employees can get the help they need when they need it. Inkblot’s mission is to create affordable, accessible and innovative services and technologies to improve the psychological health of individuals and organizations.

About Akira

Akira brings healthcare to you: this virtual health app allows users and their immediate family members to conduct secure medical appointments with friendly, professional healthcare providers right on their phone or computer. Consults can be done on-demand by text or video, any time, any day, across the country, in French or English.

Most primary care concerns traditionally seen in a doctor’s office can be addressed through Akira without ever having to leave home or work, including prescriptions, referrals to specialists, imaging and lab work as well as general medical advice.

To learn more, visit

About Beacon

Beacon is developed and operated by the MindBeacon Group. MindBeacon is committed to revolutionizing the availability, access and delivery of evidence-based mental and behavioural health services. Through Beacon guided digital therapy, MindBeacon brings together leading innovation and current clinical best practice. Beacon provides each user with a customized course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, guided by a registered mental health professional, entirely through a mobile device or personal computer. Since launching in 2017, Beacon has helped thousands of Canadians struggling with mental health concerns – such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and insomnia – become empowered to live to their fullest potential.

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