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Case Study

Unilever + League: A health and well-being success story.

League transformed Unilever’s employee health benefits experience and delivered tangible cost and time savings for HR.

Unilever was looking for a tangible way to demonstrate their commitment to the health and well-being of their people through innovative, flexible offerings.

higher employee engagement with health and benefits

hours saved through League adjudication

HR productivity savings through streamlined enrollment

“League has digitized Unilever’s benefit program, giving our employees access to the benefit platform at their fingertips. League’s customer service is exceptional—I’m glad Unilever has partnered with League.”

Sharon Scott

Senior Payroll & Benefits Specialist

The Problem

The problem: A workforce in need of new and flexible ways to support their health and well-being.

Unilever looked to League for ways they could optimize benefits to improve the employee experience. The company wanted to offer benefits that employees could personalize to suit their unique needs, consolidated in a digital wallet that was easy to use. Unilever also wanted to find ways to get more value from their benefits spend—value that could be passed on to employees.

These benefits would be part of a total solution that encompassed Unilever’s three health and benefits priorities: mental health, preventive health, and holistic well-being and benefits (as their previous solution was limited to offering fitness credits only).

The solution

The solution: A flexible, engaging experience for employees, and expert support for HR administrators.

The League HBX™ platform and benefits advisory services were a perfect fit for Unilever’s wishlist. League’s digital platform provided a centralized, accessible, and engaging experience that gave employees the flexibility to choose the products and services that best support their health and well-being.

The HBX platform made benefits easy for employees to understand and use. Employees used the digital wallet and Benefits Concierge to learn about their benefits and better understand their coverage.

League made life easier for HR teams, too. Their claims adjudication team took over the Lifestyle Spending Account claims management process, freeing up time for HR admins to focus on bigger tasks.

League also conducted biometric testing and health risk assessments across the organization for blood pressure, glucose levels, and other preventive indicators. This information armed Unilever with actionable insights and a tangible starting point for improving employee preventive health, one of Unilever’s three health and benefits priorities.

To address Unilever’s two other health and benefits priorities (mental health and holistic well-being), League Health Concierge helped employees navigate their benefits to find appropriate care, health providers, and Health Programs to support their immediate and ongoing needs. Health Programs span a range of areas like mental, physical, financial, and family health.

“League really is a welcome member of the Unilever family. I’m glad we made the decision to work collaboratively with League.”
The Outcome

The outcome: a 31% increase in employee engagement plus significant cost and time savings for HR.

In the first year, employees engaged with League 31% more than with their previous rewards program. League’s Health Concierge and Customer Care services diverted 82% of employee questions from HR for a potential savings of $11K. Twenty-one percent of Health Concierge interactions were related to finding primary care, mental health providers and support for diet and nutrition, while 11% were for help in managing existing conditions.

League identified risk factors in 60% of Unilever’s population, with one in three employees at risk for serious health issues. This early identification led to potential health and productivity savings of $60K to $100K. Their benefits administration team streamlined the enrollment process for ~500 employees, leading to $15K in HR productivity savings. League also adjudicated 800 Lifestyle Spending Account claims, diverting 200 hours of work and leading to $10K in time and productivity savings.

health and benefits questions diverted from HR

potential health and productivity savings through early risk identification

HR productivity savings through streamlined enrollment

“I absolutely love the daily goals. They’ve helped me develop healthier habits, which have had a positive impact on both my energy and mental health.”

League Member

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