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The word "league" evokes positive images: a collaboration of teammates striving toward a common goal. Partners mutually assisting each other with a shared interest. An alliance, union, guild, cooperative. Leagues may involve sports teams, nations, or any type of affiliation where the members work cooperatively and share common goals or interests. However you look at it, leagues are designed to group people together for a positive outcome.

Leagues play an important part in today’s online entertainment options. The League of Legends is one example, with millions of dedicated gamers playing in the league. League of Legends is an online multiplayer battle arena game, where members form teams, or leagues, to battle against other teams. The league works together to support their champion and defeat the other team’s champion.

Another example is the Premier League, England’s professional football club. Many fans of the Premier League add to the excitement by joining a fantasy sports league, where they compete online against other fans to see who can draft the best football players. In real life, no team is going to have the best player at every position, but fans get this opportunity in fantasy sports, seeing how their favorites compare against their friends’ favorites.

Poker and other gambling games also use leagues to add to the fun and challenge of competition. Leagues provide a safe, legal place for players to test their poker skills against other players. Depending on the league and the host country’s laws, these may be free to play or may involve wagers. Players can select the type of game and the cost that is most appropriate to their interests and skill levels.

The global gambling market, including fantasy sports and poker, represents $41.1 billion* in revenue a year. The global MMORPG online video game market adds another $11 billion** a year in revenue.

Businesses that support these leagues might be offering advice for defeating League of Legends champions, providing stats to help players draft the best football team, or instructing players on poker strategies, to name just a few options. If your business would like to tap into these lucrative markets to increase sales and build revenue, purchasing this domain would be an important first step.

LEAGUE.CA is also available, and can be combined in a package!

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