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Meet Trish,
a true HR Hero.

Talent Operations Lead at Vidyard

Read her story

We recently asked our members to share stories about their League experience. The response was overwhelming (overwhelmingly good). Through these stories, we see the real and meaningful impact HR Heroes are making in the lives of their employees every day.

Why did you decide to get into HR?

“I was always really drawn to the human aspect of a business. Being in HR gives me a chance to go back to design thinking, and get a true understanding of people and how best to support them and the business.“

What’s your favourite part of the job?

“I get a lot of energy actually meeting with employees and collecting insights from them about what’s working and what’s not. I enjoy using the data we collect to develop the programs that help us, as an organization, be more successful. Whether it’s building out a new onboarding program, or a new parental leave policy, these are programs that have real impact across the entire business.”

Why did you decide to take on employee healthcare as a key part of your mandate?

One of our mantras at Vidyard is ‘winning with experience.’ We all do everything we can to make the Vidyard experience amazing, and that applies to both the employee experience and the customer experience.

And while health and benefits has always been an important part of our employee value proposition (in that we always invested quite a bit in our programs), the experience was a real headache. It was complicated and really hard to navigate, let alone use.

We wanted a tool that would help us close this experience gap!”

“I fell in love with HR because I truly believe that people are the most important aspect of any business strategy. This is especially true in tech!”

Trish Steward at Vidyard

Health and Benefits Vision

Trish’s Objectives

Talent retention and loyalty

A better employee experience

Alleviating HR admin

What she did

With the above objectives in mind Trish and her team reimagined their entire health and benefits experience. Here’s what she did:

The Outcome

The real-life impact

By the numbers

200 Vidyard employees joined the League family a little under a year ago. Since then 80% of members continue to use the platform every week for everything from insurance coverage inquiries to Health Program participation, Health Concierge advice to spending account claim submission.

customer satisfaction rating

benefits and coverage questions diverted from HR

of Vidyard employees engage with League every month

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