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Meet Shauna,
a true HR Hero.

Head of HR at Lush Cosmetics

Read her story

We recently asked our members to share stories about their League experience. The response was overwhelming (overwhelmingly good). Through these stories, we see the real and meaningful impact HR Heroes are making in the lives of their employees every day.

Why did you decide to get into HR?

“For me it really was about making a difference and having an impact on the business. What it takes to make an organization function well has always been fascinating to me. I look at HR through an organizational development and behaviour lense.”

How do you view HR’s role in an organization?

“I view HR as a strategic function that adds value and helps the organization achieve its goals—whether that’s improving employee engagement or driving business results. Results are achieved through the people within an organization, so your people strategy and your business strategy have to be inextricably linked.”

Why did you decide to take on employee healthcare as a key part of your mandate?

“We talk about living your best ‘Lush Life’ here, and health, wellness and benefits are core to that.

Before League we had a very generous healthcare offering for our full-time staff but it was one-size-fits-all. It totally made sense for the business 15 or 18 years ago and was really ground-breaking at the time. But as the business, our employee population, and society changed, it became clear that we needed something different.

I had this vision of having a radically personalized health and wellness experience for all of our staff (both full-time and part-time)—because people are not one-size-fits-all. I believed that this was something that could really differentiate the Lush experience for our employees.

People aren’t looking for their mom or dad’s health benefits program. They’re looking for something that is unique to them, fits their lifestyle, and supports them—and not just when they are sick. We actually need to be focusing on wellness as well.”

“We talk about living your best ‘Lush Life’ here, and health, wellness and benefits are core to that.”

Shauna Grinke

Health and benefits vision

Shauna’s Objectives

Flexibility and personalization

A better employee experience

Alleviating HR admin

Improving health outcomes

What she did

With the support of League, Lush executed a benefits survey and focus groups amongst their employees. This process revealed key issues and opportunities for improvement. Here’s what she did:

The Outcome

The real-life impact

By the numbers

Two thousand part-time and full-time Lush employees joined the League family about a year ago. Following a two-week enrollment period, 92% of US and Canadian full-time employees enrolled, while 80% of all eligible employees (including part-time) enrolled in one of three benefits options.

Customer satisfaction rating

benefits and coverage questions diverted from HR

Lush members enrolled in Health Programs

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