Give Employees the 
to Choose Their Own Coverage

League’s Spending Accounts are a great way to provide your team with the coverage they need to be healthy, without getting tangled up in the web of restrictions that come with traditional benefits.

How Spending Accounts Work

With League’s Spending Accounts, you can finally offer your team the flexibility they crave when it comes to managing their own health.

An chart representing the 3 Steps to using a League Spending Account: Allocate Funds, Submit in a snap, Achieve zen.
Allocate funds
Submit in a snap
Achieve Zen
  • 1. Allocate funds
    Simply allocate a pre-determined dollar amount to each employee—and only pay for the services your team uses (or let your team determine their own individual contributions).
  • 2. Submit in a snap
    Employees submit claims through the League app by snapping a quick photo of their receipt or get instant reimbursement by booking services through our Health Marketplace or paying with their League debit card.
  • 3. Achieve Zen
    Track usage rates in real time, easily top up some accounts throughout the year and stay blissfully organized with everything under one digital roof.

Easy as that!

And because there are no premiums, Spending Accounts give you more cost certainty and zero year-end surprises.

Health Spending Accounts

Tax-advantaged accounts meant to help your employees cover added out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles and co-pays. From Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) to Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) we’ve got you covered. Let your employees choose how and where to use their funds based on what matters most to them.

  • Health Reimbursement Arrangement

    A type of tax-advantaged account for health care costs that employers contribute to on behalf of their individual employees. Since you as an employer own these you only pay for what your team actually uses.

  • Health Savings Accounts

    A type of tax-advantaged account for health care costs that both employees and employers can contribute to! It’s meant to help your employees with eligible high-deductible plans (HDHPs) pay for the added out-of-pocket cost such as deductibles and co-pays.

  • Flexible Savings Accounts

    A type of tax-advantaged account for health care costs that, while owned by the employer, only your employees contribute to!

What's Covered

Medical Professionals Medical Professionals Annual physical, chiropractor, psychologist, registered nurse, dietician, registered massage therapist
Prescribed Drugs Prescribed Drugs Prescribed medications & drugs, injections and vaccines
Dental Dental Preventative, restorative, diagnostic, dentures, artificial teeth, orthodontics (excludes cosmetic procedures)
Vision Vision Optometrist, prescription eyeglasses, eye exams, contact lenses and laser eye surgery
Health Services & Devices Health Services & Devices Semi-private or private hospital room, orthopedic shoes, nursing home, wheelchair, hearing aids, ambulance services, organ transplant, lab fees

And more!

PLUS: money allocated to Health Spending Accounts are tax deductible for your business and tax-free for employees!

“I love not being out of pocket for routine health expenses like contact lenses and massages - my HRA covers everything I need.” League member
An icon of a phone displaying League's Lifestyle Spending Account.
An image of a League Lifestyle Spending Account card.

Lifestyle Spending Accounts

Encourage your employees to take a proactive approach to their health through Lifestyle Spending Accounts that cover the products and services they want to live a healthier life.

What's Covered

Fitness Fitness Athletic attire, gym memberships, health coaching, athletic therapy, personal training, sports equipment, pilates, ski passes, yoga
Mental Health Mental Health Art Therapy, counselling therapist, meditation & mindfulness, marriage & family therapist. Nutrition Food delivery, vitamins & supplements, nutritionist
Professional Development Professional Development Continuing education courses, life coaching, seminars, conferences, professional memberships & exam fees, language training, etc.
Nutrition Nutrition Food delivery, nutrition counseling, vitamins & supplements, nutritionist.
Health Health Programs for quitting smoking, foot care, weight loss programs, nutrition, counselling, sleep assessment, etc.
Other Other Hair replacement, sunscreen, teeth whitening, first aid, CPR training, monthly transit passes

And more!

“My LSA covers my gym membership AND my running equipment so I don't have to worry about a thing. Win-win.” League member

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