Virtual Care Gives Your Team Personalized Support in a Heartbeat

Virtual Care is a curated, digital experience that provides personalized healthcare to help simplify your team’s ongoing health and wellbeing.

Get Instant Advice with Health Concierge

Connect your team with trustworthy healthcare professionals they can depend on for credible information when the time is of the essence. Members can chat with a registered nurse directly from their League app—and skip the self-diagnosis for good!

You’ll Enjoy…

  • More productive employees whose minds aren’t distracted by health issues
  • A reliable health resource for you to recommend to your team

Your Team Will Love…

  • The peace of mind that comes with instant access to reliable health and wellness advice
  • A more enjoyable, humanistic experience than other services
  • Skipping the Google-based self diagnosis, and finding credible health information in half the time
  • Family members can also use the service

Wondering When is a Good Time
to use Health Concierge?

The possibilities are endless, but here’s a few ways your team can get started…

  • Make more-informed decisions with evidence-based resources
  • Find the best health professionals, products or services in their area
  • Ask for assistance in in understanding publicly funded health programs
  • Get everyday lifestyle and wellness support to live their best life

Save Time with Virtual Doc

Your employees can lean on our Virtual Doc partners such as Akira MD and Maple available through our Marketplace to connect with medical professionals that provide on-demand access to the services they need to stay healthy with zero hassle.

You’ll Start to Notice

  • Decreased absenteeism by removing the need for staff to take a half day for doctor visits
  • Increased morale with tangible proof that you’re investing in the health and wellbeing of your employees
  • A healthier, more productive team that not only uses, but values the services you provide for them

And Your Team Can Finally…

  • Get the medicine they need—exactly when they need it
  • Connect with healthcare specialists in an instant
  • Keep their health records securely in their pocket for 
handy reference

Good Health Begins with 
What you Eat

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Bring Better Health Right to your Team’s Fingertips

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