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Workforce Health in the NOW of Work

In this webinar, Jason Averbook & Kim Heger discuss important considerations for supporting a healthy workforce in the NOW of work.

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Webinar | On-Demand
65 min


Once upon a time, we developed strategies, employee experiences, and solutions for the Future of Work. We knew employees wanted to be digital, that they wanted modern connectivity and tools in the flow of work, and that they wanted to feel connected to meaningful work for socially responsible employers where culture and wellbeing were more than lip service.

March 2020: The NOW of Work forced its way into our homes and workplaces in the form of a global pandemic. Workforce Health took on new meaning overnight: employers are suddenly and urgently focused on the physical health and safety of their workers as well as their mental health, focus, and ability to perform job duties in extreme conditions. Those conditions are especially extreme on the front lines of service industries where the most exposed employees are very often the least connected or the least informed, and they’re also extreme for those sent home to work where they are still exposed, anxious, and surrounded by distraction.

Organizations need to respond to the workforce in a very human and urgent way. Employees need to feel safe and cared for; they need to need to be able to find and understand company policies (changing overnight) for actions to take and assistance available if they feel unwell; they don’t have time to search extensive benefit policies and handbooks to know how and which benefits apply; and more than ever, they need to programs to help manage physical, health, mental and emotional wellbeing.

We'll discuss important considerations for SUPPORTING A HEALTHY WORKFORCE IN THE NOW OF WORK:
  • Access and understanding of care through healthcare programs offered is now mission-critical
  • How can a distributed workforce (probably now the new normal) get access to this information
  • Where can the workforce get easy access to the most critical information needed?

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