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Big investment ≠ big impact.

A critical look at the health benefits experience—from both sides of the table.

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New insights from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, in association with League.

Companies who are invested in the overall health and wellbeing of their employees see benefits as a key way to demonstrate their commitment, with more than half identifying benefits as a strategic priority over the next three years. But there’s a disconnect. Employees don’t know enough about their benefits to use them, or worse, don’t even know what they’re entitled to. As the annual company spend goes up, employee engagement stays put. Quite simply, they don’t see the value.

There is a solution. And it lies in the health benefits experience. Our research reveals that an employee-centred experience makes it easy for employees to unlock the full value of their benefits. Employees can begin to live healthier, happier lives, while companies better manage costs.

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