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"Glad you made it to the page! It looks like League would be a great fit for Huron Consulting Group. Feel free to get in touch to learn more!"

Connor Quicksell, Sr. Business Development Representative at League

Connor Quicksell

Sr. Business Development Representative

There's a Better Way to do Health Benefits

Big changes happen when you make the switch to League. HR teams spend less time on admin, companies see lower costs and less turnover, and employees pick up healthy habits.

Why League would be a great fit for Huron Consulting Group

With a 34% increase in consulting headcount alone over the past two years (source: LinkedIn), you’re in the thick of the battle for top talent, but so are your competitors.

League clients routinely see a 10%+ reduction in turnover.

Huron invests in great employee programs like preventative health screenings, flexible HSA, and a match charitable donation program.

Similar organizations (see Unilever below) run these programs through League to amplify the effectiveness and outcomes of these costs.

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Finally—Employee Benefits That Are Easy and Engaging

An Engaging Employee Experience

Members are empowered to manage their health with a digital platform that looks and feels like their favorite apps.

Effortless Benefits Administration

HR teams get the most out of their investment with automated admin work, simple integration and real-time usage reports.

Expertise to Help You Succeed

League has your back from day one with a dedicated team of experts to support you every step of the way.

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Painless Integration

Why do benefits have so many different systems that can’t seem to get along? (It's a rhetorical question—we don’t have the answer either.) The League platform plays well with any existing HRIS or HCM systems, integrating seamlessly into the software you’re already using.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"I love how League's Lifestyle Spending Account brings our wellbeing strategies to life, allowing employees to access programs and services that really support them. It helps give them an added sense of purpose everyday."

Bronwyn Ott

Manager of Benefits & Wellbeing, Unilever

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