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How League helped a large North American specialty retailer reach unprecedented enrollment levels

League radically improved the employee health benefits experience by successfully enrolling 92% of full-time eligible employees.

The company was growing rapidly in the US and Canada and needed a solution that would meet the varying needs of a dispersed part-time and full-time workforce. They needed to take a personalized approach to reach employees across multiple locations and make the process engaging for all.

in plan savings from previous year

CSAT for enrollment chat support with Benefits Concierge

enrollment in consumer-driven plan designs during the first year

The Problem

The problem: a dispersed, diverse workforce and a one-size-fits-none approach.

The company had a diverse North American workforce spanning corporate, manufacturing and retail—with both full-time and part-time employees.

As League started building a relationship with this retailer, two things became clear: they wanted a best-in-class health and benefits experience for their employees, and the one they had was falling short.

Their enrollment communication process was antiquated and cumbersome, consisting of an intranet and other traditional communications—many of which were paper-based. Employees had to deal with multiple carrier websites, causing endless HR hassles.

A one-size-fits-all approach was out of the question. They needed a solution that was modern, easy-to-use, and flexible enough to meet the needs of their diverse workforce.

“We currently have an intranet and a system of archaic communications. Employees have to go to different carrier websites, they forget their passwords, enrollment is paper-based and highly administrative.”
The Solution

The solution: a personalized, multi-tiered plan and multi-channel delivery.

League set out to gather valuable insights by conducting an employee survey and focus groups. The data revealed key issues and opportunities for improvement, including plan flexibility, support for part-time workers, and a need to prioritize mental health issues.

League used these findings to develop an approach that would better meet the needs of this retailer’s diverse employee population.

League’s benefits advisory team worked closely with the company to create a multi-tiered, personalized benefits plan for US and Canadian employees, giving them the flexibility to choose the coverage that met their individual needs. This included the company’s first consumer-driven plan design—a departure from their single traditional plan.

This change allowed the company to free up funds to give part-time employees a spending account and voluntary benefits—for the first time ever.

League used several channels to educate employees about their plan options and set them up for an easy enrollment process. Through in-person enrollment fairs, a bespoke digital information hub, one-to-one outreach and instant live chat support, employees got step-by-step guidance through the entire enrollment process.

“League is providing benefits for diverse employee populations, enabling radical personalization for people in a cost-effective and scalable way.”

Head of North American HR

The Outcome

The outcome: immediate, enthusiastic enrollment.

Following a two-week enrollment period, 92% of US and Canadian full-time employees enrolled, while 80% of all eligible employees (including part-time) enrolled in one of three benefits options. Nearly 50% enrolled in the company’s first consumer-driven health plans.

Employee engagement rose during this time as well, with an email open-rate of 60% for League’s benefits-related emails (almost triple the industry average of 21%). Thirty-two percent of employees who opened the emails started enrollment right away.

in plan savings from previous year

enrollment of full-time eligible employees

enrollment in consumer-driven plan designs during the first year

CSAT for enrollment chat support with Benefits Concierge

“League is new for us and I have been telling everyone about my incredible experience with you. I am so grateful. Thank you, thank you.”

League Member

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