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Meet Bronwyn,
a true HR Hero.

North America Wellbeing/Canada Diversity & Inclusion Manager at Unilever

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We recently asked our members to share stories about their League experience. The response was overwhelming (overwhelmingly good). Through these stories, we see the real and meaningful impact HR Heroes are making in the lives of their employees every day.

Why did you decide to get into HR?

“I actually came into HR in an untraditional way. I was responsible for the workplace health program at a public health department, and found myself interested in organizational culture—which is a key influencer of employee health and well-being.

I eventually decided to take the leap into HR and focus on creating programs and policies specific to one organization. Over time, I took on more responsibilities and found myself fully immersed and a valuable member of some great HR teams throughout my career.”

How do you view HR’s role in an organization?

“HR is a strategic partner in defining an organization’s strategy and culture for success, and bringing it to life.”

What’s the best part of your job?

“I love creating programs and strategies that make a difference in the lives of the people who I work with. It’s so rewarding to know that something you designed or brought to life has helped someone.”

Why did you decide to take on employee healthcare as a key part of your mandate?

“Health and wellness has always been a part of what I do—how I approach it has just evolved over the years. Even though I now focus more upstream on leadership and culture, I still have a passion for designing innovative health and well-being programs and challenging the status quo.”

“League really is a welcome member of the Unilever family. I’m glad we made the decision to work collaboratively with League.”

Bronwyn Ott at Unilever

Health and Benefits Vision

Bronwyn’s Objectives

Flexibility and personalization

A better employee experience

Alleviating HR admin

Improving health outcomes

What she did

Bronwyn created a total solution that encompassed Unilever’s three health and benefits priorities: mental health, preventive health, and holistic well-being and benefits. Here’s how:

The Outcome

The real-life impact

By the numbers

In the first year, Unilever employees engaged with League 31% more than with their previous rewards program. League’s Health Concierge and Customer Care services diverted 82% of employee questions from HR for a potential savings of $11K.

CSAT (customer satisfaction rating)

benefits and coverage questions diverted from HR

hours saved through League claim adjudication

higher employee engagement with health and benefits

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