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Meet Jennifer,
a true HR Hero.

VP, People Operations

Read her story

We recently asked our members to share stories about their League experience. The response was overwhelming (overwhelmingly good). Through these stories, we see the real and meaningful impact HR Heroes are making in the lives of their employees every day.

Why did you decide to get into HR?

“I got into HR because I knew I wanted to focus on the people side of the business. People spend more time in the workplace than they do at home and I wanted to be a part of something that makes that experience great.”

How do you view HR’s role in an organization?

“I believe it is HR’s role to ensure a positive employee experience and create tools, processes, and programs that are easy for leaders and associates to use (maybe even fun), and to remove the noise so they can focus on what’s important—leading their teams and driving results.”

What’s the best part of your job?

“The best thing I can hear from a supervisor or employee is, ‘Wow, that was so easy,’ or ‘Now I get it!’ I love it when we can help employees understand and use HR programs that are available to them.”

What was your health and benefits vision for FULLBEAUTY Brands?

“I wanted associates to engage with their healthcare, understand their coverage and utilize the tools they have. I want them to make informed decisions about what they need from their coverage and not overpay for things they don’t need or engage with at all because it feels too complicated. I also wanted to create plans and education that makes benefits feel more manageable and understandable.”

Why did you decide to take on employee healthcare as a key part of your mandate?

“When I joined FULLBEAUTY I knew our focus on benefits was going to be significant. With the growing cost and complexity of healthcare, I knew it would be important to take a critical look at our plan design as well as our vendor relationships to ensure we were getting the most out of our programs for our associates.”

“People spend more time in the workplace than they do at home and I wanted to be a part of something that makes that experience great.”

Jennifer Stalians, VP, People Operations

Health and benefits vision

Jennifer’s Objectives

Improving healthcare consumerism

A better employee experience

Alleviating HR admin

Managing healthcare costs

What she did

Jennifer optimized the FULLBEAUTY Brands plan design to empower associates to better manage their health for improved outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

By the numbers

FULLBEAUTY Brands saw an increase in enrollment into both the 2020 HSA and HDHP. They achieved unprecedented plan design savings for year 1 (hard and projected claim savings) plus significant admin savings through carrier RFP.

increase in HDHP enrollment

increase in wellness fund carrier contributions

consolidated carrier for medical/dental/vision

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