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League is reimagining employee benefits from the ground up. We’ve taken the antiquated systems of yesteryear and innovated new ways to simplify the process while offering more flexibility than you ever thought possible.

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  • Plan Design
  • Advisory
  • Health Insurance
  • Spending Accounts
  • Health@Work
  • ASO

Plan Design

Group Health Insurance

Health Spending Accounts

Lifestyle Spending Accounts

Health@Work Program

Customized Plan Design

Truly individualized Health Plans tailored to the needs of a modern workforce. You choose what you want. Whether it’s complete coverage or a new addition to your total rewards package, our suite of products keep your team healthy and engaged for the long run.


Insights and Advice

We partner from strategy to admin. Save time and let League do the heavy lifting for all things benefits.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Provide your team with essential health coverage (such as drug, dental, EAP and disability) through a customized plan that’s designed to fit your budget. We are proud to work with the following partners.

Spending Accounts

League's Health Spending Account

Health Spending Accounts

Let employees spend their benefit dollars however they like on routine health expenses that keep them healthy.

Lifestyle Spending Accounts

Encourage your employees take a proactive approach to their health through products and services they want to live a healthier life.


League Health @ Work screen


From biometric screenings to fitness classes, League’s Health@Work services help you make workplace wellness a snap. Get alerts, review your wellness services and book appointments.



We offer a wide array of services that remove the administrative hassle of managing your employee benefits such as: plan design, admin tools, HR support and more.

The Definitive Member Experience

  • Digital Wallet
  • Customer Care
  • Marketplace
  • Partnerships
  • Health Concierge
  • Claims
  • Tailored Content

Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet

League’s Digital Wallet allows your team to easily pay for health and wellness services, review benefit coverage, keep tabs on Spending Account balances, and more.

Customer Care

Customer Care

Did you know that League’s Customer Care Team is rated is 4.8 out of 5? It might have something to do with our average response time being less than 3 minutes. Or the fact that we’re available via email or chat from 9am-9pm ET, Monday to Friday. No phone trees–pinky swear.

4.8 /5

League’s Customer Care rating

League Customer Care screen


Marketplace & Products

Your team can conveniently book appointments with over 1,000+ local, vetted health professionals plus score sweet discounts on services and products at places like Goodlife Fitness, Running Room and more.

League marketplace screen



Score amazing discounts and deals from heavy hitters like Adidas, Goodlife Fitness, to local juice bars, we’re constantly partnering up with businesses who help your team take charge of their health and let their benefit dollars stretch even further.

League partnerships

Health Concierge

Health Concierge

Give your team, and their family, access to credible health and wellness advice at the touch of a button. Members can chat with a registered nurse directly from the League app and skip the self-diagnosis for good.

4.9 /5

League’s Customer Care rating

League Health Concierge screen


Instant Claims Reimbursement

Our claims experience is rated 4.4 out of 5. Why? Because our digital platform takes care of expense claims in the background, so all your team needs to do is book an appointment, and all you need to do is get ready for high fives.

4.4 /5

League’s Claims rating

League Submit a Claim screen

Tailored Content

Tailored Content

Your employees get personalized health content without even leaving the League app. Now this is wellness, simplified!

Example of tailored content on League

Effortless Admin

  • Admin Tools
  • Easy Onboarding
  • HR Integration
  • Paperless Claims
  • HR Support
  • Real-Time Reports
  • Consolidated Billing

Admin Tools

Admin Tools

Paperwork is so 20th century. Make your life easier with tools that automate employee onboarding, your workplace wellness program admin and so much more.

Easy Onboarding

League Canada onboarding screen

White Glove Onboarding

After building the perfect plan, we’ll also make the transition seamless with virtual training, live demos, digital member enrollment and more.

HR Integration

League HR Integrations

HR Integration

Integrate with your existing HR system like Bamboo HR.

Paperless Claims

League paperless claims

Easy Claims and Coverage

Benefit coverage is available in the app and 100% of our claims are processed digitally, so your days of answering your team’s questions around coverage and claims status are over.

HR Support

League HR Support

HR Support

Get your own dedicated support team to call on whenever you need. From quick questions, valuable content, to plan review, we’re here to help.

Real-Time Reports

League's real-time usage reports

Real-Time Usage Reports

Easily view how your benefit investment is being used to better predict what services will best serve the needs of your changing workforce.

Consolidated Billing

Consolidated billing with League

Consolidated Billing

Stop getting bills from all of your HR providers, with us it’s a one stop shop.

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Turns out employers are big fans with over a 400% improvement from their traditional experience.

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