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League Employee Spotlight: Meet Susan!

by: | September 11, 2017

Meet Susan, League’s Health@Work Coordinator who strongly believes that every employer can bring a culture of health into their workplace. Susan coordinates the programming and relationships for Health@Work corporate wellness, working with providers and employers to plan and host onsite health & wellness programs that benefit the workplace and employees’ overall wellbeing.

It’s her enthusiasm and constant positive and helpful attitude that keeps our customers happy and healthy!

Here’s what she has to say.

1. What drew you to League and to your role?

The introduction was made about a year and half ago; I was working for a would-be competitor when I first heard of League. Our team was trying to collaborate with League on this rocketship-in-the-making.

I’ve always enjoyed building out ideas and collaborating to make dreams a reality. I knew I wanted a more active role in the Health & Wellness space and to be a part of something that was innovative…inventive even. To have the opportunity to expand on what is possible in fields, as traditional as health insurance and health care – that’s what drew me. League is exactly that.

2. What do you love about your job?

My team and our clients. I work on a small team, with big ideas and a work ethic that is equal parts passion and pedal to the metal. Our mission to optimize employee experience and engagement, making League’s Health@Work offering not only a way for employers to improve their workplace, but also to create a thriving workplace culture. Afterall, the workplace is an environment that we spend majority of our life time.

And that’s why I like working with our clients. League’s clients are those that value their teams and their culture. It’s an amazing feeling to be working with various employers across Canada and now the U.S., who believe in enabling their employees to be happier and healthier. Being part of the vehicle that delivers that really means something to me.

3. What are the key assets to kick ass at League or in today’s start-up environment in general?

I would say the mantra of “Own it we trust you” that we foster at League.

It’s about taking what you have and building on it from there. Run with it, take the constructive feedback and make it work; incorporating your team and others to make an idea turn into a plan and through to fruition. This type of attitude – an ever so delicately balanced strong-will and a roll up your sleeve boldness – will serve any start-up environment well.

4. How does League’s culture help provide a balance between your work life and personal life?

At League we are encouraged to prioritize our own health. To work sitting or standing, in the kitchen or a private meeting room, have walking meetings, work from home or at a favourite coffee shop. We are encouraged to take a break from our email inbox or meetings; whether it’s for meditation with our Meditation Coach, or for our weekly Lunch & Learn, or even for an afternoon therapeutic massage appointment with the onsite RMT. This atmosphere of how you can incorporate what you need to feel your best in order to perform at your best is crucial to a work-life balance.

Whether working from home or in our relaxed work environment here at League, we are always connected. It makes team work and those deadlines easier. This is the most agile workplace I have ever been a part of, a great reminder that work does not always have to be separate from your healthy lifestyle, nor does your lifestyle need to be derailed by work. In fact, they can both maximize each other. I love it!

5. In your opinion, what makes someone a true leader?

Someone who actively listens. This makes them discerning, inclusive and provides them with the ability to make those tough decisions. It’s not always about those who can rally the troops or have the loudest voice in the room. Sometimes the one who pays genuine attention and participates in a positive and intentional way is the one that makes the best leader to move the team forward in the best way.

6. If you could have a life theme song what would it be?

“Yo Home to Bel-Air”, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song; except it would start “In Kingston, Jamaica born and raised…”

7. What are 3 words you think your colleagues would use to describe you in the workplace?

Enthusiastic, approachable, dedicated (FYI I asked colleagues this question, I recommend it. It’s a great pick me up 😉 )

8. Tacos or Pizza?

Freshly baked pizza from a homemade pizza oven. If that’s not possible Tacos please.

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