Start Turning Your Health Benefits Into A Competitive Advantage

Are you eager to add a few new key players to your organization? Or perhaps you just want to make your current team happier, but aren’t sure where to start. Many employers overlook their health benefits packages as a recruitment and retention tool, and often think their hands are tied in terms of improving this experience. But, that’s simply not the case.

Here are some simple tips to help you begin to build a health benefits package that can act as a legitimate recruitment and retention tool for your organization.

Actively gain insights from your employees 

Increase your visibility by hosting lunches, fireside chats, or designated office hours to get feedback about what your employees want. Survey them to find out what types of non-traditional health benefits would make them happy — use our free employee survey tool. Get a pulse on what stresses them out the most. Your goal is to understand how you could better serve their wellness needs.

When you give your employees a forum to share their experiences with you, they’ll feel more valued. Creating trust is important to your success as an HR leader. This creates psychological safety and shows you plan to prioritize a culture that includes emotional health.

Create an action plan

Don’t simply ask for input from employees — use it! Take action on the insights you gather by sharing them with your leadership team so you can begin forming a strategic wellness plan.

Work together to evaluate your current benefit plans and implement new offerings, if needed. Then be sure to communicate updates to your employees along the way. Assign one of your team members the responsibility of communicating wellness initiatives to employees and building internal enthusiasm.

Become a champion for a healthy culture

Research shows that a sense of purpose drives job satisfaction and retention. As an HR leader, you play a key role in helping people understand how their work connects to a larger mission and vision. This will not only help motivate and inspire people, but also create a strong culture — one where it’s clear you value employee health as a vital part of success.

Caring about employee health isn’t just a nice thing to do, there’s also a strong business case to be made for prioritizing wellness. By understanding what your people need to thrive and then giving them the resources they need to be at their best, you’ll be a leader who drives results at every level.

Offering a variety of perks enables everyone, making them happier and healthier —and will help you recruit and then retain top talent in the long-term.

If you’re looking for more inspiration to turn employee benefits into a differentiator, checkout these 3 simple ways health benefits can improve recruitment and retention. 

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