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Workforce Health

A look into what drives better employee health outcomes.

Workforce Health

Mental health: How to encourage employees to seek help when they need it

Some conversations are more difficult than others. One of the most challenging situations is having to approach a colleague, friend or family member who may be struggling with their mood or

Workforce Health

Nutrition at work: 7 ways to instill a culture of wellness (eBook)

Here at League, every month is Nutrition Month. That’s because we know just how important it is to encourage nutrition at work. Not only that, but we love the idea

Workforce Health

The League webinar series: Pillars of employee wellness

In our latest webinar, League Chief Health Officer, Lori Casselman, talks Workplace Health and the Pillars of Employee Wellness. In the past, employee health was seen solely as the responsibility

Workforce Health

Don’t miss League’s webinar on Workplace Health – April 20 @ 2PM, ET

The modern workplace is constantly changing. And it can be tough for employers—and their team—to stay ahead of the game. We created the League Webinar Series to highlight the different

Workforce Health

Canadian Healthcare in the next 150 years: An innovation nation?

As Canada gears up to celebrate its 150th birthday, we should be thinking about the next 150 years and how we can transform from a resource-driven economy to an innovation-driven

Workforce Health

Go team! 5 super fun ways to encourage health at work

For Nutrition Month, League is asking pros from our Health Marketplace to offer tips on how to encourage your team to make healthier choices—all month long. Because we know you can’t


Building a new HR playbook for the future of employee healthcare

Workforce Health

Let’s talk about mental health today… and every day

Did you know that 1 in 5 Canadians struggle with mental illness? Think about your circle of friends, your family and your colleagues. We all know someone who is struggling,

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