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3 Questions to Ask Your Benefits Broker Before Renewing

by: | August 8, 2017

With benefits renewal season just around the corner, you may be thinking about your company’s group health and benefits strategy—and let’s just say, it’s probably not the highlight of your year! In an era of ever-increasing premiums and stiff competition for talent attraction and retention, HR leaders are in a seemingly impossible position. You need a plan that has enough flexibility to cover the needs of employees of all ages, provides cost certainty and simplifies administration.

Working with the right broker and benefits partner is the best way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment. But it’s just as important to also make sure they have your best interests in mind.

Here are 3 questions to ask your broker before renewing:

1. How will you commit to bringing me innovative health benefits strategies and solutions?

Over the past year your business has changed and, more than likely, so have your needs and expectations. Shouldn’t your broker’s approach change too? In a rapidly-evolving employee health insurance and benefits landscape, you should be presented with progressive solutions, strategies and technology that keep you competitive and better support your employees and their health.

2. What additional services do you offer?

It’s important to understand the scope of services that your health benefit advisor can provide outside of developing a plan that meets the specific needs of your employees (this is table stakes). Do they also help reduce the burden of administration? How will they assist in open enrollment communications? Are services such as chat, telemedicine or on-site health and wellness sessions available to your employees?

3. Do you provide ongoing employee support beyond enrolment?

Your relationship with your broker should extend through the full year, not just before and during enrollment season. Make sure you understand how your broker will assist with off-season employee on-boarding and administration, usage tracking, on-going customer service questions and claim resolution problems.


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